You Are the Placebo with Dr. Joe Dispenza


One of my favorite authors/speakers on the planet, Dr. Joe Dispenza, was finally able to be on the show. He travels all over the world (more than 27 countries so far!), speaking and teaching neuroscience, biochemistry, and quantum physics. He was one of the star scientists in the blockbuster film, "What the Bleep Do We Know."

His latest book, NYT Bestselelr, You Are the Placebo; Making Your Mind Matter, is giving people a much deeper understanding of how they can take control of their own health by better understanding their body and biology. From a purely scientific approach, Dr. Joe explains the power of our minds and imaginations, coupled with our brain's biological capabilities, and especially exciting and intriguing--how our thoughts operate in the quantum field.

We also talked about Epigenetics, the new branch of genetics which tells us our destinies are not as reliant on our genes as was previously believed. 

Tune in for this show, buys his books, and certainly go see him live when you get the chance. 

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