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Are you ready to start taking conscious control of the life you're currently living?

Welcome to Spirit Salad, the show that brings science to spirit and back again.

Your host, Tamara Dorris, interviews top thought leaders and expert authors in the fields of science, psychology, spirituality and personal performance to inform, educate and inspire YOU to take conscious control of your life now.

Tamara is the author of 16 books, a corporate consultant and university professor. Her elite coaching program incorporates neuroscience, subconscious studies and quantum physics to help her clients create careers and lives they love. She coaches real estate professionals and executives.

Subscribe to her blog at, follow her on facebook, twitter and linked in, and join the conscious creation conversation.

Nicole Fende, The Money Whisperer

Nicole Fende, aka The Numbers Whisperer®, tames your financial fears and delivers practical advice to boost your bottom line. An investment banker who attained Chief Financial Officer status before age 30, Nicole is the author of “How to be a Finance Rock Star: The Small Business Owner’s Ticket to Multi-Platinum Profits”  Nicole and her infectious laugh will both enlighten and educate you. I for one, am never super excited to talk about anything math related, however, I think you'll agree that Nicole puts a whole new (and refreshing!) spin on managing our money. We discuss more than just money and numbers though. For example, Nicole has some terrific advice on how people decide to price their services...tune in and prepare to be inspired.


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You Are the Placebo with Dr. Joe Dispenza


One of my favorite authors/speakers on the planet, Dr. Joe Dispenza, was finally able to be on the show. He travels all over the world (more than 27 countries so far!), speaking and teaching neuroscience, biochemistry, and quantum physics. He was one of the star scientists in the blockbuster film, "What the Bleep Do We Know."

His latest book, NYT Bestselelr, You Are the Placebo; Making Your Mind Matter, is giving people a much deeper understanding of how they can take control of their own health by better understanding their body and biology. From a purely scientific approach, Dr. Joe explains the power of our minds and imaginations, coupled with our brain's biological capabilities, and especially exciting and intriguing--how our thoughts operate in the quantum field.

We also talked about Epigenetics, the new branch of genetics which tells us our destinies are not as reliant on our genes as was previously believed. 

Tune in for this show, buys his books, and certainly go see him live when you get the chance. 

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The Invisible Organization with Mitch Russo


What a treat to speak with the amazing Mitch Russo. Mitch's story is both inspiring and educating, and his message is clear: YOU can increase your productivity and bottom line by working smarter, not harder. Mitch is teaching business owners around the world how to "get virtual," regardless of the business type.

His new book, "The Invisible Organization," is a #1 Bestseller,and Mitch agrees that even sole entrepreneurs and most sales people are indeed the CEO of their own businesses.

Mitch's background includes being the founder of Timeslips Corporation, President/CEO of Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins Business Breakthroughs, and now he's sharing his skill and wisdom with those smart enough to listen.

It's always apparent to me when someone works from a place of passion and service, and that is plainly obvious in my conversation with Mitch.

Get the book!  Visit the site!  Visit Mitch's site!


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Nothing is Impossible! with Rick Petry


The perfect combination of motivation, education, and hard-won inspiration. Join me on this delightful and invirgorating adventure with the amazing Rick Petry. With a solid message of hope and empowerment Rick shares his own meager beginnings that certainly didn't look like they would lead to the life of a successful trial attorney who's now on a new path that involves inspiring the world.

Rick is a coach, consultant, author and speaker who is setting the world on fire with his own brand of teaching, that includes neuroscience, big visions, and positive self talk. Be sure to follow his upcoming podcast!


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Soul Coaching with Allison Crow

 Allison is an intuitive business and life coach who uses art and creative expression to help her clients have break-thrus in their businesses and their lives. In this delightful interview, Allison shares her own inspiring journey from the corporate world of real estate to the heart-based business of artful coaching, where she encourages creative expression as vehicle for expotential growth.



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