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Monica Lorraine is passionately committed to guiding women on a healing and self empowerment journey to achieve freedom from feeling stuck in painful emotions and behavior patterns that have been holding them back for most of their lives. With 10 years of experience working with clients with similar challenges and concerns and guiding them to achieve life changing breakthroughs in the areas of their life purpose work, relationship with love and money. Monica is trained in Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Astrology Numerology, Human Design System, The Gene Keys and Dream interpretation.

Working with Monica will help you make the connection between the unhealed, unprocessed and unresolved painful emotions and the patterns that keep repeating in your life. Releasing you from those patterns forever.
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Speaker, Author, Radio Personality & Founder of the Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network, Kimberly Rinaldi has helped millions of clients, students, and listeners make the changes they so desperately needed. Along with 3 decades experience and mastered skills in Personal Development, Success Coaching, Process Improvement, and Behavior Modification, Kimberly pairs her intuitive skills - yes, she has business cards that say psychic on them - to reduce the time needed to get you to your goal.

Kimberly currently lives in Southern California with Mr. Rinaldi and their Basenji Boy, Jake. She enjoys yoga, reading and travel. When home, you'll likely find her hanging out in her gardens. She finds balance in her busy life by teaching others to Live-Joy-Fully!
"In the interest of full disclosure - I use language - I sometimes rock a tiara - and if I can put glitter on it, you bet your ass I will! I look forward to sharing my Lessons with you." - Kimberly


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