March 10- Transforming Your Love with guest Kimberley Heart at 1:00pm ET

Remember that feeling? The one where you have fallen deeply into love, when you are both high on each other? And then that relationship which began in such elation begins to erode, and the love becomes pain. You are left feeling the loss and the anguish. And it isn't the first time this has occurred, is it? Are you just star crossed--or is something else going on here?

The truth is that deep down in your subconscious, you are playing out a belief that will continue to haunt your relationships and you will attract people who don't know how to love you fully and unconditionally. In Kimberley Heart's groundbreaking new book GET LoveTM: How to Transform Your Love Life, she provides the specific steps to find and uproot your belief, and replace it with one that will pave the way for an unequaled and true love. One that gives both parties the freedom to be themselves--and to embrace the ultimate loving relationship!

Kimberley teaches us:  

  • How to untangle yourself from requiring your partner to fill your needs
  • How to love without fear
  • How to remove the barriers so you can be fully committed to a love that knows no boundaries



Tune in Tuesday, March 10th at 10:00 am PT

and listen in as Kimberley Heart shares...

transforming your love

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