The Themes of our Lives with guest Dr. Anthony Raimondo November 11 at 1:00pm ET

If there's one thing a teacher knows, it's that the classroom is not where a lesson ends, it's where it begins.

Author, Teacher and  Life Coach Dr. Anthony Raimondo understands this well. On a constant pursuit of understanding, he earned four degrees: a Bachelor Degree in Music and a Masters in Communication and Theater from William Paterson College, a Masters in Education Supervision from St. Peter's College and a Doctorate in Education Supervision from Berne University.

He has dedicated 20 years to the Newark Public Schools, where he worked as a special education teacher for the learning disabled and emotionally disturbed. It was while he was teaching that the inspiration to ask the question, "If I wrote your biography, what would be the theme of your life story?"

This question changed something within Raimondo. It led him to discover a spiritual growth connection with the narrative literary process. He attended the Master's Center Institute of Hypnotherapy in 2006, where he learned about the subconscious mind and obtained much of the knowledge he shares in his literary debut, Return to Eden. (Dog Ear Publishing, October 2009 now titled Choosing One Theme Tate Publishing 2011) He also focused on practicing martial arts. Dr. Raimondo is a fourth-degree black belt in Yoshuskai Karate, and has taught martial arts for 20 years. To learn more about Dr. Raimondo, please visit:


Tune in Monday, November 11th at 10:00 AM (PST)

and Listen in as Dr. Raimondo  shares...

The Themes of our Lives

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