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Julianna Lyddon is a Certified Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling; author, teacher, and spiritual advisor who brings light and levity to all of life's important issues. She asks the tough questions you may be thinking about, but may be uncomfortable asking. Her talk show is about increasing your level of awareness. Julianna will encourage you to stop, think, and gather all the facts so you will be empowered to make the best informed decisions possible. Through her private practice, she has helped others find their personal power and fulfill their dreams. She wants to do the same for you on Connect With Julianna through intimate discussions, intriguing subject matters, and the expertise of her guests.

Quite often, the media gives us a skewed or filtered perspective, politicians typically only present one side of an issue, and even the medical community doesn't always share the full picture with the public. Julianna is interested in knowing what issues matter to YOU. She will cut to the chase and get to what's really important to her listeners. She covers everything from health and wellness, marriage and family, mental health and even spiritual and metaphysical subjects. So, let's start TALKING!

Tune in every Friday at 1:00 Az. time, 4 p.m. EST  I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! BE A LIVE CALLER ON MY SHOW AT: 877-864-4869.

Jacob Teitelbaum MD says: "I do many shows, from CNN and FOX to Dr. Oz, and Julianna stands out as doing not only a fun show, but one that can help give people their lives back--NOW! Simply Outstanding!!!"

"It was an enormous pleasure to be a guest on Julianna Lyddon's show.  It is so rare these days to find a talk show host who is at the same time gracious, knowledgeable and profound.  It is no wonder that Julianna is so popular with both her listeners and her guests.  She comes across as the kind of person that everyone would like to have as a friend.  I can't wait to visit her show again. Warmest Regards, Dr Norman Rosenthal" Author of...Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation

"Wow - I am so impressed by you - your wonderful show format and your delightful enthusiasm for life and knowledge....It was so great to spend the time with you and your listeners  - loved also hearing about the Crows - and you managed to cover a lot of ground very gracefully:) Much love, Catriona MacGregor" Author of..Partnering With Nature:The Wild Path to Reconnecting With The Earth

"You are the BEST host. Seriously, you are wonderful and you asked the best questions and engaged and shared stories. I loved it. Thank you so much for having me on your show as your guest. All my best, Martine Ehrenclou" Author of..Critical Conditions: The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive

"Thank you for the opportunity to share Verbal First Aid and for the careful, wise, and thoughtful way you handled my material.  It was a great interview and we covered a lot. And I was so impressed with how seriously you studied and used the information and formulated your observations and questions. Blessings on your beautiful work. Warmly, Judith" Author of Verbal First Aid: Help Your Kids Heal from Fear and Pain-and Come Out Strong

"I LOVED doing your show!!  You are a phenomenal host!!  I feel so blessed to have met you!  That was seriously soooo much fun. XO, Holly" Author of Stress Less, Weigh Less 

"Thank you!!! I have been doing interviews for a long time, and I must say you were incredible ... seasoned, sensible, bright, funny and most important you read the book! It's incredible how many don't take the time!" Diana Raab...Author of Healing With Words: A Writer's Cancer Journey

Do you want to be a guest on my show or do you have an interesting show idea? I want to hear from YOU! Connect with me via e-mail at 

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