Robert Wheeler - Author of The Money Nerve, Navigating the Emotions of Money

Bob Wheeler's personal narrative is to: Be the change you want to see in the world~ Mahatma Ghandi 

His crusade for personal growth has cross-pollinated with his accounting practice to birth a new approach to personal finances. From his 25 years of helping clients, Bob has distilled a concoction of warmth, information, motivation and budgeting directive that he offers to anyone with financial concerns. His passion is to help others gain insights about how emotions trigger financial decisions. Combining finances with behaviors, Bob has lifted the numbers off the table and put them into the heart, where he shows they have been all along. 

Bob Wheeler

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Denise Palmisano Interview Aug 4th

Ms. Palmisano is a Certified High Performance Coach.

CEO Mentor for Peak Potentials / Senior Ontological Design Coach / Seminar Leader&Trainer  / JFK University School of Education and Liberal Arts Certification in Essentials Coaching / 25 yrs. experience with group dynamics, teamwork, mood management, communication and relationship skills, workshop design and facilitation / Proven track record leading organizations, groups and individuals toward enhanced and sustainable goals and objectives / Co-founder of the Iowa City Learning Foundation / Public Speaker

Services include: Heightened and sustained levels of Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, Influence / Creating a culture of effective communication and relationship skills / Guided Action Plan to align and accomplish goals and objectives / Creating an environment of leaders

Denise Palmisano


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Brian Kelly - Advocate to Emerging Leaders

Mr. Kelly is a Certified High Performance Coach, and a graduate of Georgetown's Leadership Coaching Program.  At Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching, we are committed to Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today™.  Our mission is to shift the demographic makeup of senior organizational leadership teams so that the diversity representation in the C-suite better reflects the diversity among the American people, empowering a new level of business success.

Mr. Kelly serves on the Washington DC chapter board for ALPFA, the largest Latino nonprofit organization, committed to Building Latino Business Leaders.   He also serves on the Professional Development team on the Washington DC chapter of Ascend, the largest Pan-Asian nonprofit organization committed to connecting and enabling Pan-Asian business professionals and leaders.  

Brian Kelly

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Karyn Amore - WildSexyFree

Karyn playfully calls herself Agent Amore 0011 for Your Mission Possible! With Karyn as your guide, you and your team will master the secrets of the world's highest performing achievers and discover the joy that is possible when you are on purpose in your life!  You can read Karyn's inspiring story of all the deep challenges she's overcome and grown through in her upcoming book. And yes, her married name really is Amore!  She's a published author, one of only 200 elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world, and is one of those weird people who actually loves public speaking. She had an overall fantastic time getting her B.A. from UC Berkeley. After 11 years in Europe (si, parla Italiano), Karyn came back to California and worked for her alma mater and was part of a small team that raised more than $6M for graduate fellowships. She's also a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and Interchange Counseling Institute graduate. When Karyn is not joyfully serving her clients, she's most likely dancing, hiking a path in a beautiful place, or watching her Italian hub or their two sons play soccer.

Karyn Amore

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Tara Stone - On being a Family Generation Changer

When Tara Stone isn’t trying to guide students to success at Missouri University of Science and Technology, she can be found encouraging people to live the life they are meant to live. She is the founder of Remarkable180, a business that empowers individuals to become solution seekers in their life by equipping them with the life tools, programs and workshops.

Tara graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a BS and MS in Technical Communication. She recently spoke at The What If…? Conference on becoming a family generation changer and hopes to continue speaking to encourage others to change situations in their families and lives.

Tara Stone

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Tunda Wannamaker - Find your Spiritual purpose

True Life Academy features a truely remarkable spiritual guide.

Tunda Wannamaker is a seeker of truth, her purpose is to awaken intuition in others so that they may align with their spiritual mission. Tunda believes there are not restrictions given to us when we are born. We learn restrictions and place them on ourselves when we experience negative or traumatic experiences. The greater the negative, the greater the voice within to awaken for change. Tunda teaches people how to use the energy around them to tap into their natural GOD given gift, talent and abilities. 

Tunda Wannamaker

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Karen Lorre teaches us LOVE - May 5th 2014

Join us May 5th as an renowned actress on both television and the big screen, Karen Lorre, describes living a life filled with love.

"I perceive Love everywhere, in everyone. Sometimes the love is so obvious and so present I find myself kissing my cupboards, or the food I am eating, or my fridge or a tree, or my own hand or leg, or my car, or strangers--I am compelled to make love to all this Love even in these inanimate or inhuman forms. I eat love, sleep love and breathe love most of all day every day. I am immersed in love, saturated with love, spellbound by love, involved with love. 
I know who I am. I know who everyone is, at their core. I always tune to the divine in everyone and everything. This makes life so much fun and orgasmically satisfying! 
My life feels like a poem, it just unfolds so easily and in the most delicious ways.
I love life. I love this world. I love everyone in it. I am completely secure. I am always resourced. I am so loved. I have fun everywhere I am. 
I feel this world is completely loving, abundant, beautiful, supportive and orgasmic, it provides me chronic pleasure! 
I feel so blessed and fortunate! I am tuned in, tapped in and turned on! I am electric, brilliant, infinite, radiating love.

Love inspires me, love carries me on it's momentum to all I desire. Everyone and everything inspires me as well!"

Karen Lorre

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Eve Dionne - Talks about heart health, life and helping others 'Be About That Life'

Lecturer, Motivator and highly sought after speaker; Eve Dionne is showing the world what it truly means to “Be about that life!” Eve is an over comer with a triumphant story that has helped men and women around the world to reach their goals and look beyond their past into their purpose! Eve is a writer and spokeswoman who has spent the last several years quietly serving in churches, outreach campaigns and health initiatives while mentoring young girls and women in helping them to overcome some of life’s most daunting and painful challenges.

With ties heavily connected to the entertainment and media industry, she became the “go to” person to friends and strangers alike in all things that signify talent, fierceness and grace! Eve is a Spokeswoman for the American Heart Association and 2013’s “You’re the Cure” Award recipient. She is currently in the process of penning her first book while completing an MBA, and working as an entertainment manager and consultant.

Eve Dionne

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Dr. Charles Berg discusses What makes Happy, Healthy, Successful people tick.

A successful chiropractor for almost 30 years, a student and teacher of integrative nutrition and now a speaker and exective lifestyle coach,Chuck Berg has brought his message of wellness and balance to clients as diverse as BMW North America, the International Council for Women in Real Estate and listeners of his "Reclaiming Your Health" radio show. Chuck offers a rich understanding of the value of a life transformed from the inside out; one where equal attention is paid to the physical, the relational, the spiritual and the mindful. As a professional life skill coach, Chuck's message to busy professionals is clear: your work performance will be in exact proportion to your energy, vitality and emotional and physical health.

Dr. Charles Berg

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Mahlena-Rae Johnson - Writer-Actress-Comedian

MAHLENA-RAE JOHNSON grew up on the mean beaches of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. During her senior year of high school, she was named Most Likely to Kidnap a Backstreet Boy.

After graduating from the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University, Mahlena decided to stay in Los Angeles to crawl up the ranks of the entertainment industry. In 2007, Mahlena founded Mr. J Media and published her first novel, Steve the Penguin. She then elected to continue her overeducation by attending the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, and graduated in 2010.

Mahlena published her second novel, Bianca Reagan: Where the Action Is, in 2013. When the author isn’t gorging herself on reruns of Murder, She Wrote and The Golden Girls, dabbling in stand-up comedy, or wondering what she should do with, she is working on The Book of Noa, a series of intergalactic sci-fi novels. You can read more of her deep musings and witty quips at

Mahlena-Rae Johnson

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Join Clarence and Travis Waits April 1st on Authentic Leadership

Travis Waits is passionate about equipping leaders to expand the impact of what they do, so that everyday they are engaged wholeheartedly, and in alignment with who they are. To do this well requires personal growth, and courage do something different. As a leadership optimization specialist, and authenticity trainer I have found that making incremental shifts, strategically empowers leaders to be more successful in all areas of their life, not just their business. Called to disturb and disrupt the status quo of leaders... Travis Waits is an authenticity trainer, coach, pastor, father, and husband. He empowers leaders to maximize their impact by aligning who they are in their core values. He is known by his clients for his courage, tenacity, and grace. Through his tactical training, leaders become more effective in their professional and personal lives as they eliminate compartments. He works locally with leaders in the Colorado area. He also works virtually delivering online training and coaching to clients all over the world. Join the conversation at

Travis Waits

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Kirsten Bloomquist - The Power of the Mind

Join Clarence and Kirsten Bloomquist as they explore the Power of the Mind. 

"Kirsten Bloomquist is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is known for her  extreme belief in the power of the mind, believing the mind can heal all. Kirsten’s experience includes working with professional athletes and the terminally ill. She is known for the fast and dramatic results she helps her clients to achieve. Kirsten’s name spread among the western medical community when she helped a client to beat cancer by having his mind overcome his tumor."

You can see and learn more about Kirsten and her work @:


Twitter: @FeelingPowerful
Kirsten Headshot
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The Law of Attraction Simplified

Clarence at Sedona - Bell Rock Vortex

Tune in to the St Patrick's day show - 3/17/14 to hear Clarence describe in plain terms how - what you think affects how you feel, and that, how you feel affects what comes into your life. Taking the mystery out of terms like 'Vibrational Match' Clarence walks us through how from the moment we wake up we are engaging our auto-pilot to shape the day. He describes where in the process we should disengage the auto-pilot in order to shape our day and ultimately our lives. The secret to moving from various emotional states is made clear and simple and is one major key to creating the life we long for.

The principles of these universal Laws of Attraction have been shared via the movie The Secret and many other lessor known films and writings. 

This episode has got to be the best illustration and short explanation out today allowing anyone to understand and begin using it in their lives immediately. 

Before the airing of this episode Clarence spent the previous two days in Sedona Arizona with Abraham-Hicks taking a deep dive into the Laws of Attraction. Abraham-Hicks produces what is considered the original source material for the current Law of Attraction wave that is sweeping the world.

In this one hour episode, Clarence has been able to take what can be a daunting subject filled with complex concepts such as Quantum Physics, Vortex creation and Energy / Vibrational alignment and describe it in an easily understood manner. Of course there is so much more to this subject matter. But if you are just begining to understand this universal Law then you won't want to miss this episode. 

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Mel Zabel

Author of 'Meditaion - It's not what you think.'

March 10th Mel joins Clarenece in a conversation on the 'How To' of meditation and what it actually does for us. 

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Elizabeth (Liz) Dagit Skajem Talks about True Life

Elizabeth (Liz) Dagit Skajem was born and raised in a small town in Iowa until moving to California in 1997 at the age of 8.

She and her older brother were raised by a single mother. Liz was faced with the many challenges that most teens and young adults face today. Through her strong character and strong desire for a good life, Liz overcame many of these challenges by sheer determination. 

With a dream to be successful in life Liz has started her own business in the cleaning industry. Her company is called Queens of Clean where she has been able to acquire both individul clients and commercial businesse clients

As a new mother and wife Liz's life is taking shape into what she has always dreamed. Having learned so many of life's lessons at an early age Liz is often consulted by other young adults as a confidant. Liz has a good heart and is always looking to give back to others. With her lessons learned and insights to some of life's difficult challenges Liz has also taken on the role of Life Coach where she assists others in handling their challenges and persuing their dreams.

Her blog posts are raw, straight to the point and filled with wisdom. 

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Maria Bradfield Speaks out on True Life Academy

Maria has over 25 years of business experience, building and managing successful sales teams for Fortune 500 companies.  When opportunity knocked, Maria left the corporate world, and founded a specialty telecommunications consulting firm supporting Fortune 500 companies. She has been a licensed Realtor for over 7 years.  In 2010, she was the President-Elect for the Women’s Council of Realtors for the Palm Springs Chapter, and her success led her to be the President of the Women’s Council of Realtors in 2011.  She remains involved with the association to this day and is a firm believer in helping others become successful. 

Born with a general concern and passion for the well-being of others, Maria focuses her efforts to help those in need.  One of her passions is to raise awareness for breast cancer.  A two-time breast cancer survivor herself, she co-founded a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organization and served as the President for two years.  A portion of every commission she earns in her real estate practice is donated to breast cancer research.  You can also find Maria cheering or walking the many breast cancer fundraisers throughout the country. 

A firm believer in the power of positive thinking, and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals, Maria’s tag line in life is, simply stated:

Stay Focused, Stay Positive and Always Have Fun! 

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Vicki Higgins Shares Powerful Life Insights Feb 17th

Vicki Higgins has a fabulous life!.  As an acclaimed marketing professional, she is also a Certified Destination Marketing Executive, a published author, speaker, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, SAG model and commercial actor, and has her MBA.  Vicki is known for her headstrong independence and spirited personality but she may not be the first person you would expect to step on stage and talk about spiritual practice or using intuition to guide you to a more successful business and more fabulous life. 

Vicki had a challenging upbringing and some early setbacks in life, which caused her to dive headfirst into personal development and spiritual growth. 

As a published author in the book NO MISTAKES: HOW YOU CAN CHANGE ADVERSITY INTO ABUNDACE; Vicki recently decided to come “out of the spiritual closet” and do inspirational and empowerment speaking share her spiritual tips, brain retraining and other powerful tools to help you - Reinvent Your Life, Reclaim Your Power and LIVE FABULOUSLY! 

 Her greatest passion is to coach people to step into their greatness by merging their business expertise and spiritual gifts – join her at upcoming live workshops or in her online training programs at 

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Welcome David Wambaugh - Last Call

Join Clarence as he spends time talking with Mr. David Wambaugh author of The Last Call.

David's book The Last Call, is a compelling gritty memoir the depicts his story from the times he was adopted at six months old. by cop turned NY TIMES #1 bestselling author, Joseph Wambaugh, and the colorful, but challenging, years growing up the son of a celebrity.

David lives in San Diego and spends considerable time with his family. He is currently a California State Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor, has logged over 5,000 hours of clinical work, and has done over 200 Interventions Nationwide, with a 100% success rate.

David Wambaugh with tie

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Chatting with Jacqueline Richards

This Monday's guest is Jacqueline Richards.

Jacqueline Richards

Jacqueline is a Y group fitness volunteer, Hatha Yoga Instructor, and Financial Wellness Coach. 

For over nine years, Jacqueline is a mortgage consultant in the helping first time home buyers, to single parent families, to real estate investors find their personal mortgage and borrowing strategies.

Jacqueline supports women in business & a proud participant on the Prime Ministers Task Force on Female Entrepreneurs, past co-chair of Canadian Women in Communication (NCR), and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, Board Director.

As the author of “Yoga for Your Personal Finances”, the book and workshop represents stories and systems that she and clients experienced.

Assemble a blend of postures, solutions, and keys to enrich your cash flow, physical well-being, personal wealth, and dreams.

Strength and calm comes with practice. Yoga helps you MasterMind the tougher aspects of becoming money-wise.

Website: www.wealthy –

LinkedIn: jacqueline richards

Twitter: yogimoneyflow

Facebook: jacquelinerichards

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Clarence is a Certified Life Coach as well as a successful business leader, mediator, philanthropist and entrepreneur. For many years he has helped people realize their gifts and achieve their goals.

As a former inner city kid at risk living in poverty, Clarence knows all too well what it looks like and feels like to have little hope of achieving greatness in this world. Through the same transformational principles he uses in coaching his clients, Clarence has been able to accomplish remarkable achievements including his successful rise to the executive ranks of several fortune 500 companies and now the formation of his own company, True Life Enterprises LLC.

On a mission to make a real difference on the planet, and as an effective Life Coach in the areas of transformation, counseling, spirituality, family coaching, conflict resolution, visioning and performance results Clarence uses True Life Academy to reach and uplift as many people as possible.

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