Use Your Brain in Business, Part 3 ~ Male/Female Brain & Introverts/Extroverts

  Is there really a difference between the way men and women think? Do we have different brains? Are men from Mars and women from Venus? You might easily answer a resounding YES. Although we are not from waring planets there is certainly a difference in the way the male and female brains work and it can absolutely effect us in the business world.

We know scientifically that at conception we are all inherently female. At six weeks gestation when the Y chromosome is present, the fetus' brain receives a testosterone chemical bath, not only changing the gender from female to male but changing the wiring as well.

One of the main differences that affect the relationships between men and women is in our speech. According to one study, men tend to speak around 10,000 to 12,000 words a day consisting mainly of nouns, verbs and shorter sentences, while women speak around 48,000 to 52,000 words a day, including adverbs, adjectives and descriptive words. That's a huge difference! So how will knowing this help you in your business life?

Women, when you are speaking to or selling to the male brain remember they have a single purposed mind, like a one way country road. If you are trying to make your point and you don't have their full attention, they will NOT get your message. Arrange a better time for the meeting or see if they can give you their undivided attention at that time. Stay focused, don't jump from point to point, completely cover one main point before moving to the next one and without a lot of unnecessary words.

Men, when you are talking to or selling to the female brain, remember their brain is like a busy freeway interchange system. They love descriptive words and lots of them. And although the male brain may want to stay to the main point your female counterpart wants the big picture with all the details.

Now you have to remember that this is a general rule. The different BQDs, like The Boss (Anterior Left) for example, are single focused as well and don't like flowery details, even within the female mind. But the outlines for the male/female brains are good general rules.

Now what about your introvert/ambivert/extrovert levels? Almost half of the population run right down the middle, the ambiverts with about 30% either going to introvert or the extrovert sides. This is the reticular activating system in the brain, which sets the volume control on incoming data. Your introverts do not need that much stimulus while the extroverts can't get enough! You can pick up on these differences by studying people, especially when they entire a room. An introvert will almost always choose a quiet seat by the door while an extrovert will head straight for the center of the action.

As always, there are so many components that go into how an individuals mind works. Visit my website to learn more and always feel free to email your friendly neighborhood "Brain Lady" directly

~ Julie "The Brain Lady" Anderson

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