Use Your Brain in Business, Part Two ~ Personality & Business

  We all have four main sections in our brains, two in the front and two in the back, two on the right side and two on the left side. Things like words and speech are housed on the left, while pictures and connections to emotions live on the right side. There are also many more neural connections to the limbic system on the right side, which connects our emotions to our immune system, which is the main reason our emotions can have such a strong affect on our health. But that's another blog all together!

Back to our quadrants, according to recent scientific research each of us are "at home" in one of these quadrants. This space is our Brain Quadrant Dominance or BQD. This means that when we are working in our BQD we are using 1/100 of the energy, glucose and oxygen that we do for the remaining three, making the tasks completed there much easier. Anyone can learn to do anything well but there's a big difference between doing something well and doing something easily. But how does this effect your personality and business?

There is SO much information about the brain's quadrants but we're going to do a quick Reader's Digest version here.

Let's start on the left side. The most logical, fact based decision making, non-emotional BQD is the anterior (front) left, the BQD I've labeled The Boss. The Boss is very articulate, literal and to the point in their speech. They are gifted in delegating authority. You need a decision made? Ask The Boss in your life!

Moving down into the posterior (back) left we find The Master Coordinator. This is the file cabinet BQD, the home of spelling and grammar, labels, recalling the names of things and fact based details are housed here. The MC is very good with money, time and the little details in life. They don't like change but love a good, consistent routine.

Jumping over onto the right side and staying in the rear we have the posterior right, The Nurturer. This is home of harmony, the circle of life! This BQD is very connected to nature, is very spiritual, musical and can be seen as dramatic. Connecting all of the things and people in their lives is very important to the posterior right.

Last but certainly not least is the anterior right, The Innovator. This BQD is the BIG picture thinker, this is where imagination is housed, they see the future, everything outside of the box and are innovating inventors, like Leonardo da Vinci. They LOVE change and don't care about the details, they just want to explore the big, wide open picture.

Do you see yourself in any of these BQD's? Have you pegged your loved ones and workmates? Checkout my website to take the complimentary BQD assessment to find out where you are most comfortable and how this information can literally change your personal and work life for the better!

~ Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson

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