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Tuesday 22nd of November 2016
Thursday 17th of November 2016
Thursday 3rd of November 2016
Thursday 20th of October 2016
Have you vowed that you would never get married again? Or perhaps you wonder whether your marriage could have been saved if you redefined it based on what it meant to you, and not to others? Lindsey talks with co-author of the book, The New I Do, who interviewed couples who had reshaped their marriage based on what worked for them. She says that marriage is a "shame-based" model and too many people feel like a failure when it comes to their marriage. This is a fascinating discussion and will make you think way outside the marital box!
Thursday 13th of October 2016
Have you ever wanted to be a creative being but your career path just hasn't allowed you to do so? Exercising your creativity is key to living a thriving, abundant life, and you don't have to change your career to do it. Lindsey talks with Shereen Sun, an Intuitive Creative and Business Coach, who helps women create the life of their dreams. Learn about "scarcity mentality" and why your gifts are so valuable.
Thursday 6th of October 2016
Lindsey talks with Nisha Moodley who is a women's leadership coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day. Inspired by the belief that the world will be set free by women who are free & sisterhood is key to a woman’s freedom. Nisha creates communities of women leaders to support them to live, love, and lead with depth and beauty. After struggling for years as a foodaholic, shopaholic, and workaholic, she found her own freedom and set out to support other women in finding theirs by midwifing women back to sisterhood and the truth of their innate beauty and brilliance.
Thursday 29th of September 2016
Have you ever wondered why you ever entered a relationship with the person that you now can't stand? Are you constantly giving away your power to this person, and no matter how hard you try, you can't catch a break? Lindsey talks with success coach Helen Macmillan (who has been Lindsey's personal coach and mentor) about "the shadow self", which is the part of us that hides and shows up in other people and relationships. This discussion will make you feel differently about the bad stuff so that can feel free, and step into your "liberated self." Go to to learn more about her!
Thursday 22nd of September 2016
Did you know you can detect dialogue patterns in your conversation to determine the health of a relationship? Lindsey brings back guest, Dr. Susan Heitler for another fantastic episode about relationship building. Learn about the three "Cs" in conversation, and much more!
Thursday 8th of September 2016
If you have ever repeated the same bad relationships or have ever been stuck by meeting the wrong person over and over, then this podcast is for you. Lindsey talks with love coach and intuitive, Kavita Patel, who shares her personal story of finding lasting love with her husband by delving deep into her family past, and her relationship with her own parents. She encourages us to ask ourselves what we are resisting in our own relationships, and how does that match our past? Take a listen to this fascinating discussion! Kavita can be found at
Thursday 1st of September 2016
Meet Marguerite, a former client of Start Over. Find Happiness, survivor, and thriver. In this episode, she shares her brave journey of escaping two abusive relationships and how her discovery of boundaries and self love changed her life. When she first met Lindsey, she was broken and at her rock bottom. But since their work together, Marguerite has found blissful happiness and healthy love. Such a powerful episode!
Thursday 25th of August 2016
Pain sucks - why? Because it HURTS! So when we have pain, we often want to avoid it because it doesn't feel good. And our culture often tells us to avoid pain by taking this or that kind of drug to make us feel better. But Shannon Elhart, life coach and founder of The Healing Journey, tells us that we must dive into the pain and find the gift it's trying to teach us. She shares her raw and painful story of losing her child at birth, and how it gave her a remarkable gift of peace. Don't miss this incredible episode about survival, and how to step out of your own pain. Shannon can be found at Ask her about Akashic record readings and learning about your past lives!
Thursday 18th of August 2016
Lindsey talks with author and expert, Kristie Overstreet about her latest book, Fix Yourself First: 25 tips to Stop Ruining Relationships. Kristie offers profound advice about negative self talk, setting healthy boundaries, sexual self esteem, and how to turn your hurt and pain into opportunity. Her book can be found at
Thursday 4th of August 2016
Meet Stephanie Roberts, founder of her podcast, The Audacious Life, which discusses dealing with abusive relationships. Stephanie shares her own personal story of leaving a relationship with a narcissist, and her own journey of starting over, as well as starting her podcast, and her latest venture of helping "Mompreneurs" start and run their own businesses, as well as her new podcast, Audacious Mamas. Her podcasts can be found at and
Thursday 28th of July 2016
Lindsey talks with Jennifer Racioppi, founder of Lunar Logic Revolution, a movement for the modern woman so that she can achieve her dreams in complete alignment with the fullest expression of herself. What does it take to being your most resilient self? How can you get through some of your darkest days and truly understand that they are just cycles in your life, and that they will pass? Jennifer answers some of these difficult questions and more, while giving fascinating insight on cosmic energy and how planetary alignment really does affect us. Go to to learn more.
Thursday 21st of July 2016
Have you ever wondered, how does your childhood determine your life path? Have you thought about the challenges in your life are creating your destiny for the good? Lindsey talks with Lisa Zimmerman, an intuitive astrologer and founder of, who gives sage wisdom about releasing the struggle about receiving love, and much more. Open your mind and heart for this one - it's a must listen episode!
Thursday 14th of July 2016
Lindsey talks with Dr. Julie Coffey, a family doctor in the UK and author of Living the Slim Life. Sure, there are plenty of ways of losing weight, but to get past the temporary weight loss and keep it off, requires the power of your mind. Dr. Coffey offers a unique strategy to get you on your path to healthy living, and you can start today. While her approach is simple, ask yourself if you've ever tried it. Lindsey admits, she sure hasn't!
Thursday 7th of July 2016
Do you think you can handle your divorce or break up with pills or medication? Lindsey interviews Dr. Susan Heitler, author of her latest book, Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief of Anger, Depression, Anxiety and more. There are 5 options on how to go through life: Find solutions, fight, fold, freeze, or flee. Dr. Heitler offers fascinating guidance on how to navigate each option, and how to get through any bump in the road, without pills!
Thursday 30th of June 2016
How many times have you dated someone with little knowledge about who they are, only to have met them online? Lindsey sure has! There are tons of bad guys out there, and we don't want you to date them! We also don't want you to waste your time, money, or risk emotional heartbreak. In this episode, Lindsey talks with Kala Spigarelli, one of the founders of, a website that allows you to investigate your date with background check, as well as rate your date! This is the best idea since sliced bread, so don't miss how this site works and how to avoid online dating scams.
Thursday 23rd of June 2016
Meet Shar, who continues to inspire Lindsey due to her strength and determination to leave an incredibly toxic and controlling marriage after 21 years. She shares her journey from the moment she met her husband to her amazing life she has now. If you ever struggle with wondering life might be on the other side, or if you're children will be okay, then listen to this interview! Meet Shar and other women in Lindsey's course,!
Thursday 16th of June 2016
Lindsey interviews Cindi, a listener and a former Break Free From Your Narcissist course member, about her journey of divorcing a narcissist. She describes the harrowing details of breaking free, as well as the 3 things you must do during divorce. Her story is inspiring and she is an example of how anyone can thrive after divorce! (The course mentioned can be found at
Thursday 9th of June 2016
Meet Vasavi Kumar, a life coach and successful entrepreneur who's mission was to transform people's lives. She rose from start-up to stardom by appearing on a popular TV reality show, only to give it all up because she realized she couldn't take care of others until she took care of herself. Listen to her candid and hilarious interview, where she gets real about being bipolar, raised in a traditional Indian home, and how she changed her life to get back on top of her game. Explicit Alert! Some content not suitable for the faint of heart or those with little ears!
Thursday 26th of May 2016
Enjoy an hour of Q&A, where I answer your burning questions about relationships, divorce, and dealing with a narcissist. Want to ask me something for another show? Email me at
Thursday 19th of May 2016
What does happily ever after look like when your love story begins with divorce? Listen to my interview with author Jonathan Weiler who wrote a book with his ex-wife, Anne Menkens, about how their relationship continued to evolve after divorce, and how they co-parented their daughter once they decided their marriage was no longer working. Jonathan gets super honest about his marriage and divorce, so come join me on this episode!
Wednesday 4th of May 2016
In this episode I talk with Adele Green, author of her latest book, "Can You See Me Naked". She urges women to take connect with their feminine essence, and how to communicate their essence to their partner. Join us for this fascinating episode, where Adele takes your mind to thoughts you didn't know you even had!
Monday 25th of April 2016
What's the first thing that goes out of your life when you are in a stressful transition? That's right, it's your health and wellness! For this episode, I talk with Bridgit Danner from Womens Wellness Collaborative, and she gives some great tips on how to stay healthy during a break up!
Monday 18th of April 2016
We all talk about going on a "journey" while we are in relationship transition... but what does that really mean? I talk with Christine Crockett Smith, whose spiritual awakening led her to a peaceful divorce and a journey that led her all the way to pilgrimage in Spain. Learn how your break up doesn't have to be painful, but peaceful.
Monday 4th of April 2016
Lindsey interviews her own hubby, Will, to give a guy's perspective on divorce, starting over, and finding love again. Go behind the scenes of their life together, and how they make their second marriage work!
Monday 14th of March 2016
I give you 3 tools to get out of your funk and turn your blues into bliss! A must listen!
Monday 7th of March 2016
You know when it happens... You've had a few dates and all is going well until you start to freak out - What's he doing when you're not together? Why didn't he text you back right away? What happens when you want more than he does? Do you feel like you're in a hurry to just get to that more comfortable place? Lindsey and her gal pal, Cara, discuss this critical time of the early dating period and how often we can lose our cool (and ourselves) without even realizing it. This is a fun episode so don't miss this one!
Friday 19th of February 2016
Lindsey talks with guest and former client, Diane, about her amazing journey from being betrayed to finally being able to see the light and heal. Diane offers her courageous story of her climb out of darkness, and this will inspire anyone who has struggled!
Monday 15th of February 2016
Lindsey talks with life and business coach strategist, Laura Ann Allahverdi, about the things we do to sabotage money from coming into our lives. Learn about the three money personalities that prevent you from getting what you want, and you'll be surprised to find out which one you are, as was Lindsey! If you're wanting more money in your life, this is a must-listen episode!
Monday 8th of February 2016
Lindsey talks with Dr. Karyl McBride, author of, "Will I Ever Be Free of You? How to Navigate a High-Conflict Divorce from a Narcissist and Heal Your Family." We tackle the hard discussion of divorcing a narcissist in an often-times difficult legal system, and what you can do to mitigate a long divorce battle. Ideas on how to heal from trauma and develop healthy boundaries are also discussed, as well as how to find the right team of people that will help you move on.
Monday 1st of February 2016
Too often we make bad decisions because we feel under pressure by our family, our friends, or just our own selves! How many times have you made a huge life decision - like getting married or having kids - because you felt like you HAD to? Lindsey talks with her girlfriend, Cara, about how we fall into these traps, and how feeling the pressure can have devastating consequences.
Monday 25th of January 2016
We often give away "the cookie" to men who haven't yet earned it. This means having sex too early, over giving when we shouldn't, and letting things slide in a relationship. Learn about the consequences and how to stop giving away your goods! Keep the cookie, ladies!
Monday 18th of January 2016
I talk with family coach, Karen Becker, who is the author of her book "Co-parenting When Your Ex Won't. We discuss the difficulties of co-parenting with a high conflict person, and some key strategies that will make your life as a parent easier, and with less stress. You must document, maintain boundaries, and set very clear expectations. Don't miss this show!
Monday 11th of January 2016
Lindsey Ellison talks about navigating your romantic relationships, and how by honoring your Truth and your Spirit will set you on the right path for happiness. Sometimes your truth doesn't always have comfortable consequences, and FEAR can get in the way. How do you face your fears when you know you feel in your heart that you must do the right thing?