Soul Centered Solutions Podcasts

Friday 8th of September 2017
Listen in as Kimberly and Monica talk surviving Mercury Retrograde, Astrology, how the use of CBD oils help on so many levels and their thoughts about cannabis.
Friday 1st of September 2017
Is there more to manifesting than positive thinking? Listen in and find out as Monica and Kimberly talk about the powerful role your emotions play in manifesting what you really want as well as what you don’t want. You'll also learn how to use the specific language of intention to speed up your manifesting process.
Friday 18th of August 2017
Listen in as Monica Lorraine and Kimberly Rinaldi talk Astrology and Relationships. Learn about the 3 types of relationships we encounter through life and how to know the difference between Soul Mates, Karma Mates and Life Partners.
Friday 11th of August 2017
Listen in as Monica Lorraine and Kimberly Rinaldi share openly and honestly about what it really takes to heal your relationship with money. Get ready to challenge your personal money story and learn about a powerful resource that will help you rewrite your money story for good.
Friday 4th of August 2017
Today on Soul Centered Solutions, Monica Lorraine and Kimberly Rinaldi share the reason for coming together to help women with their challenges in life, love and money. Also on iTunes.