Create More Love Podcasts

Friday 14th of October 2016
Deanna is back! The next few episodes are all a live case study. Deanna is revamping her marketing with the help of long-time friend, client and consultant Michael Pacelli. Take a peak behind the curtain and see what really goes into crating a marketing plan, new website and social media strategy. Of course it's based in love and the new feminine economy, with loads of psycho-creativity to work through the self-doubts and blocks. For more info, to ask Michael questions, or to participate in the conversation please visit our Facebook page: Create More Love
Monday 27th of July 2015
Today is the last live show for on the LIJL Network for 2015. Deanna talks about what to expect during this week where 6 planets are in retrograde, she thanks her audience for tuning in, and she shares more about creating more love in your life. To hear future episodes or find out how to work with Deanna in person or one-on-one please visit
Monday 20th of July 2015
Deanna is alone in the studio today bringing you up to date on her latest adventures in loving herself more. Charlie makes his radio debut at the close of the show.
Monday 13th of July 2015
Patty Goedl - founder of Conscious Con joins Deanna in the studio. They talk about the good and bad of following one's bliss. Patty created Conscious Con because she was called to do so. While it was a tremendous success spiritually, it wasn't financially. Patty shares her knowledge with love and joy on today's episode.
Monday 29th of June 2015
Sonia Miller joins Deanna for this powerful episode. Sonia is a Master Manifester who helps people identify their blind spots. They discuss the difference between creating your reality vs. controlling it; how to access your true and natural power; and how to identify why you still haven't had the breakthrough you've been working so hard trying to achieve. All with love, grace, ease and fun!!
Monday 22nd of June 2015
For the first time in months Deanna is solo in the studio and she brings you up to date on what's been happening.
Monday 15th of June 2015
How does one's cultural conditioning affect how we create self-love; or open up to new ideas; or how we respond when something runs counter to our beliefs? Deanna discusses this and so much more on today's episode with Alan Steinfeld. To learn more about Alan's work please visit or visit his YouTube Channel New Realities.
Monday 8th of June 2015
A love filled episode beyond measure. Deanna's guest (in her own words) is a "vessel for source energy". After a Kundalini awakening, Valeria Tignini's life changed. She closed a very successful business, became a mom and started sharing her gift with the world. Always curious about how people follow their passions (especially fringe passions) Deanna gets to asks Valeria all about it. Then Val shares her gift with you.
Monday 1st of June 2015
Today's show is all about love in our professional lives. Magnes Welsh talks with Deanna about Heart Directed Leadership and how giving love can open channels of communication that were previously closed. Deanna has talked about this topic before, today you get to hear it straight from the horse's mouth!
Monday 18th of May 2015
Deanna records this episode on the ride home from Conscious Con 2015 ( She explains what Conscious Con was, what the major take-aways were, who presented, what she felt, saw and experienced. It was a weekend of increasing self-love and expanding consciousness in ways Deanna didn't think were possible. We all hope there will be a Conscious Con 2016 - and that you will join us there.
Monday 11th of May 2015
In what might be her best podcast to date, Deanna interviews Mark Romero ( Mark is a musician and who helps restore harmony to our energetic field through his musical mantras. Mark provides a mantra for self love, explains why his music changes our energetic field (proven by NASA), and talks about how we are all our own true healers.
Monday 4th of May 2015
Deanna's former coach Peleg Top takes Deanna through a strategy session today live on air. Ever wondered what it was like to work with a coach? Find out today. Deanna learns to apply self-love to her business, to have faith that when the time is right the clients will come, and to serve not help.
Monday 27th of April 2015
Kaya Singer joins Deanna on today's episode to talk about how she helps women entrepreneurs realize, develop, and stand in their power as business owners.
Monday 20th of April 2015
Lynn Serafinn (author, and social media expert) joins Deanna on today's episode to discuss marketing in the new paradigm. Also known as ethical marketing - it focuses on the client, in inspiring not selling, and in simply being one human standing in front of another. Deanna likes to think of it as marketing from the heart. To learn more about Lynn and her books please go to
Monday 13th of April 2015
Deanna's been seeking the answer to the question "What does standing in your power mean?" and she shares her results. Also, Deanna addresses how we need to 'Own our sh**' even if it's hard to accept. We are the creators of our own life experience. Good and bad. It's an exciting, personal, and powerful episode of CML.
Monday 6th of April 2015
Today Deanna discusses a variety of topics having to do with the heavy energies of the recent full moon/lunar eclipse; creative exercises around living from a prosperity mindset; watching an energy healer do her thing; essential oils and more.
Monday 30th of March 2015
On today's show Law of Attraction expert Christy Whitman shares her expertise on how to market (and live) from a prosperity mindset - as opposed to a mindset based in lack and fear.
Monday 16th of March 2015
Dr. Joe Rubino is a self-esteem expert. Deanna brought him on the show to talk about the work he does around helping raise children that have high self-esteem. Of course as we learn how to help our children learn to be self-loving and confident, we learn how to apply these same attributes to our own adult lives. Great loving advice on today's show!
Monday 9th of March 2015
Deanna devotes the entire episode today to the parents of High Needs Children. Having one herself, Deanna knows first hand how much love, joy, utter frustration and despair they bring to our lives. She shares Dr. Sears' definition of a HNC, and gets creative around supporting parents of HNC. The biggest message is that you are loved, not alone and that it does get better as they get older.
Monday 2nd of March 2015
After beating herself up for getting frustrated with her toddler all weekend, Deanna realizes we all need to stop judging ourselves for not being perfect. Lots of great creative exercises around loving ourselves instead of judging ourselves. Plus the show's mascot Fred makes an interesting appearance.
Monday 23rd of February 2015
Kelly Canull is featured on today's show. You may recognize the name - Kelly is Deanna's Soul Coach. Deanna has been working with Kelly for the past few months in order to move more into her heart. CML is delighted to share her words of wisdom on playfully connecting with your soul, bliss, manifesting (not Law of Attraction) and more! All with Love and Grace and Ease.
Monday 9th of February 2015
Deanna shares what she does with things feel like too much. Plus celebrating the ridiculous, spontaneous creativity and an awesome exercise that let's the love that surrounds us at all times - come into our bodies all on today's episode.
Monday 2nd of February 2015
Deanna brings you up to date on her producer Karena's abundance mindset, and why Mercury Retrograde is a time for reflection and inner work, and shares some great exercises around being kind to ourselves. Finally, Deanna reveals why she really thinks Frozen is such a cultural phenomenon.
Monday 26th of January 2015
Today we tackle our mindset around money and abundance. Deanna's producer Karena is a guest on today's show. We focus on her resistance and fear around the subject of money. A fantastic episode to see how to play with self-love, creativity and inner compassion. If you struggle with abundance, today's show is a must listen.
Monday 19th of January 2015
Today Deanna continues to talk about how to manifest abundance in 2015. She muses about how marketing can be a form of manifesting: clients, promotions, love - in business and in life.
Monday 12th of January 2015
When we live from our heart space - we are in a state of trust, relaxation, and of course, love. When the Ego is in control of the ship we are distracted by planning, fearing, fixing, controlling, judging and completing. Deanna shows how playing in the realm of Emotional Creativity breaks through the ego illusion, transmutes the negative energy, and plants us squarely in self-love, self-trust and true accomplishment.
Monday 5th of January 2015
Deanna talks about why she doesn't believe in New Year's Resolutions, but she does see the value in creating goals. She also discusses, and leads some creative exercises around, creating goals from a place of love instead of fear. Deanna also talks about starting traditions (and how all hers seem to be based around food).
Monday 29th of December 2014
This week Deanna takes stock on the past 12 months. She discusses why it's important to say I Love You to ourselves, how to handle complainers, and why we should praise ourselves for not beating the living crap out of everyone we meet. Have a save and Happy New Year!
Monday 22nd of December 2014
Today Deanna talks about getting into the love and spirit of the season, plus her latest session with her Soul Coach. It was all about manifesting success in 2015 and it threw Deanna for a loop. To help with her blocks around manifesting, Deanna plays with some sentence completion exercises and begins to see how she might finally get this manifesting thing.
Monday 15th of December 2014
Today Deanna talks about how she bullied her family into decorating cookies, and about having Faith (not Religion). Faith in love, business and in ourselves. No surprise Deanna has a problem with Faith, so she plays with some creative exercises around the topic.
Monday 8th of December 2014
This week Deanna shares intense love with those struggling right now and encourages everyone to bring some joy into their lives. Then she goes on to talk about her son's first firework's display, why she considers August Osage County a dark comedy (even though it most definitely is not) and how to break the patterns you may have learned if you were raised in a dysfunctional family.
Monday 1st of December 2014
Today Deanna practices what she preaches. She uses emotionally creative exercises to give herself some Self-Love and clears some serious anger that has been plaguing her of late. Then Deanna talks about how reality is just what we perceive it to be. That we can change our reality by changing the story we tell ourselves about it.
Monday 24th of November 2014
While this episode focuses on marketing your small business, the guidelines provided in today's episode apply to so much more: mom's running their kids school play, personal promotion and of course Self-Love.
Monday 17th of November 2014
Today's show is all about playing with creativity. Deanna takes you through some creative exercises focused on finding your natural passion. The same type of creativity Deanna uses when facing the same questions in her own life. Plus the first snow in Cleveland and upcoming holiday plans.
Monday 10th of November 2014
After talking from the hip last week, Deanna enacts some Self-Forgiveness and leads you through a creative, heart-centering exercise. She also talks more about her latest journey into her heart; about her college days at Penn State; and how she'd love to have someone following her around all day telling her what an awesome job she's doing.
Monday 3rd of November 2014
Natural Passion and spontaneous creativity rule the day as Deanna comes to the mike without a 'prepared lesson' for the day. She talks about feeling like a sham, dysfunctional family dinners, how she never wanted to be a coach, her love of Vanderpump Rules and love's place in business.
Monday 27th of October 2014
So you've done the inner work, connected to your passion and vision - now what? Today Deanna talks down and dirty about starting a business: for profit or non profit? Who is your audience? Where will you connect with them? What role does love play? She also discusses her journey of expanding her design business to include coaching.
Monday 20th of October 2014
The words we speak to ourselves and our loved ones matter. They affect us emotionally, spiritually AND physically. Today Deanna talks about Dr. Emoto's experiments with water crystals, her latest session with her soul reader, her mother's birthday, and how grateful she is that you listen.
Monday 13th of October 2014
In this episode Deanna explains how fear and other limiting beliefs prevent us for Creating More Love, as well as other dreams we hope to accomplish with our lives. She discusses the role Self-Criticism plays in this process. Then Deanna illustrates how creativity can help you identify and clear blocks.
Monday 6th of October 2014
In this episode Deanna talks about how to create more self-love by learning the art of self-forgiveness. She discusses her own guilt around everything she thinks she does wrong as a parent. Then Deanna shows how to use emotionally creative exercises as a tool to self-forgiveness.
Monday 29th of September 2014
In this episode Deanna talks about the premise behind Masculine and Feminine balance in the Psycho-Creative system (her methodology for helping people live their best life). Deanna also shares her ideas about how achieving work/life balance is really a myth. Balance is really just living our lives - it's a shifting dynamic not an end result. Plus more talk about The Goldbergs, and Angels Among Us!
Monday 22nd of September 2014
In this episode of Create More Love Deanna finishes the 12 Sentence exercise she started in the previous episode. She explains what her answers mean and how she can use them to foster growth. Deanna then talks about how to recognize when chronic problems are are really addictions, the process of stopping the addiction and how to love yourself through it all.
Monday 15th of September 2014
In Psycho-Creativity we see all of our chronic problems as addictions that can be cured. In this episode Deanna talks about how we get stuck in a place of pain avoidance which prevents us from moving forward. She shows with an example from her own life how play and creativity can break the cycle and move you toward growth - towards creating more love.
Monday 8th of September 2014
In today's episode Deanna talks about how to discover and listen to your Natural Passion. What is it you should be doing with your life? What is your higher purpose? How do you communicate with your soul? Guess what - it involves leisure activities. Deanna also discusses making choices that move you towards growth, and the life you truly want to live.
Monday 25th of August 2014
One of the basic tools of the Psycho-Creative System (Deanna Taus' methodology for helping people live their best life) is Emotional Creativity. Today, Deanna talks about how spontaneous play, like when we were kids, can heal and inspire. Plus she answer's a listener's question about Letting In the Light.
Monday 18th of August 2014
Deanna Taus talks about how damaging an excessive Self-Crtic can be to one's life. Using her own experiences as examples, Deanna explains that this is a battle we need to face and win. Join her as she shares how to decrease your own inner critic, and start living the life of your dreams.
Monday 11th of August 2014
Today, Deanna Taus explains the ins and outs of real Self-Love. She tells stories from her own life in order to show how it feels, why it's not selfish and why it is so important. Join her to learn how you can remove blocks by increasing self-love. Plus classic General Hospital, Real Housewives of New Jersey and the hazards of talking with your hands.
Monday 4th of August 2014
Deanna Taus introduces her show and herself as she launches her Create More Love Radio Program. Join her and find out how you can Kick Your Self Critic to the Curb and Play Your Way to More Self Love!