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Friday 4th of October 2013
Dr Brandie Gowey discusses what an abnormal pap smear result means and all your options for treatment. She believes HPV is not the cause of an abnormal pap, it is actually various lifestyle and environmental factors that are and that you can do something about both if you are fully educated. Tune in to learn about the Gowey Protocol that is healing people with HPV, Herpes and more.
Friday 27th of September 2013
Sheri is a Level III Reconnective Healing (TM) practitioner. Reconnective healing is often a life changing experience, utilizing new frequencies to allow for the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Debra Martin is a Lab Certified Research Medium, by the University of Arizona which was Co-directed by Dr. Julie Beischel and Dr. Gary Schwartz.She is also a Lab Certified Medium with the Forever Family Foundation. Find out about the amazing work they do together to heal people and make miracles happen.
Friday 26th of July 2013
Friday 19th of July 2013
Tune in to learn all about HPV!! Find out what the doctors aren't necessarily sharing with you! Sherry graduated from the University of Phoenix in 1999 with her Masters of Science in Nursing and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner degrees. She worked with six certified nurse midwives, a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner, and Naturopathic doctors during the course of pursuing her degrees. Sherry worked in cardiology after graduating from nursing school as an RN in 1982. She was chosen to be on the transplant team at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix. Sherry has an integrative approach to health care, using both conventional and traditional modalities.
Friday 12th of July 2013
Meet Stephen Xavier! Stephen Xavier, America's Top Coach®, is the founder and CEO of the Cornerstone Executive Development Group, Inc.Truly a pioneer in the field of coaching, Xavier has been teaching and leading personal and corporate development work in the United States and abroad since the founding of Cornerstone in 1987. His expertise lies in the areas of Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Skills Development, Communications Training and Group Facilitation. Xavier excels at helping America's Fortune 500 companies maintain strong, visionary leadership through both good and troubled economies. Tune in to also hear about his amazing intuitive journey!! Mind blowing!
Friday 5th of July 2013
Kelly owns and operates Lucky Paws Rescue and Thrift Shop in Scottsdale Arizona. This is a NO KILL shelter and has187 animals... dogs, cats and rabbits all up for adoption. Kelly is an earth angel who supports all these animals only through monthly fundraisers. Find out more about her shelter and how you can make a difference!
Friday 7th of June 2013
Learn all about Angel communication with Chris Alexandria! She educates us on what she calls, "her gang". Learn which Archangels to call on for support. Chris has an amazing oracle deck of Archangel cards that will help guide you through this process. Tune in to learn how to start your own communication!
Friday 31st of May 2013
Nicholas Cappele has written a special book! His book: Altared Spaces: Harnessing Healing Energy Using Feng Shui Principles is filled with simple steps on how to attain balance through ritual, meditation, and the use of modern altars to focus and anchor energy! This podcast is full of Feng Shui tips that can be used immediately to shift the energy in your home. Nicholas answers questions and shares stories that will keep you riveted!
Friday 17th of May 2013
Jason is back! This show is filled with information from his book, The Next Human. Learn the benefits of nutrient dense foods and how these foods can inhibit disease states within the body. Jason shares his philosophy on the power of spirit and how we have the ability to heal ourselves! Tune in for this two part series with Jason!
Friday 10th of May 2013
Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a spiritual teacher, life and wellness coach, author, mystical expressionist fine artist, evolutionary astrologer, philosopher, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and self-taught authority on metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, and alternative medicine. We discuss his book, The Next Human, and he provides tips for breaking through the ego and pseudo self. Also, learn how to start manifesting form your heart center. Jason is awesome and will be back for his second interview on May 18, 2013.
Friday 12th of April 2013
Steve Repak, CFP®, is an Army veteran, transformational speaker and consultant. Steve was selected the 1995 Fort Bliss, Texas Non Commissioned Officer of the Year and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Management Communications from Amridge University. He now works for himself as a successful Certified Financial Planner™ in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and three children. Tune in to learn how uncommon sense thinking can get you back on track with your finances. He teaches us to think differently about money
Friday 5th of April 2013
Harvey Diamond is amazing!! He is the longest living person infected by agent orange! His latest book, Eat For Life: The Latest Weight Loss Breakthrough is filled with tips on how to improve our health and longevity! Harvey is filled with passion and enthusiasm and his stories are inspirational. His books are easy to read and filled with ideas that can be assimilated into our everyday lives! Tune in to listen to the steps you can take to change your life forever!
Friday 22nd of March 2013
Dr. Walter Crinnion is the best!! His book: Clean, Green and Lean...Drop the Weight in 30 Days is filled with ground breaking information! Learn how to detoxify your life in 30 days. His meal plan, recipes, house cleaning tips and list of the best and worst foods to eat will set you up for living a life filled with energy and wellness! You will also get the latest information on fish and why farmed fish is one of the most dangerous foods you can eat! Tune in!
Friday 8th of March 2013
Celestial Advisor, Jeanne Callahan, gives us a clear understanding of how the science of astrology works and how helpful it can be in our lives! Do you want to know where to move, when you will find your soulmate or when to look for a new job? Jeanne can answer these questions and more! Learn why the planets are so powerful and how they have an influence on all aspects of our lives. For those who listen, you will receive a discount on your reading with Jeanne. Tune in for details :)
Friday 1st of March 2013
Chaney Weiner is a sought after authority on human potential and personal development. He is the founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential, an organization dedicated to empowering people worldwide in all seven areas of life (Financial, physical, family, mental, spiritual, vocational, and social) by helping them discover their hidden brilliance and uniqueness based on what is most important to them. Chaney is also a facilitator of the Demartini Method which was developed by Dr. John Demartini. Tune in to listen to Chaney share ways toward financial freedom and how to not let your emotions get the best of you!
Friday 15th of February 2013
Theresa is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified hypnotherapist. She helps us explore how we can live from a place of compassion and grace. Her stories, wisdom and expertise gives us a new perspective on ourselves and our connection with others. Theresa also shares how hypnosis works and how it can help us heal and integrate our conscious and subconscious mind. Don't miss this fascinating interview!
Friday 1st of February 2013
Dr. Sinatra is changing the world of cardiology! Listening to this podcast will change your view on your heart and your over all health! Sinatra's book: The Great Cholesterol Myth...Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease-And The Statin-Free Plan That Will is ground breaking. Learn what the real cause of heart disease is and find out what you can do right now to immediately improve your health. Dr. Sinatra is a fountain of wisdom and fun!
Friday 25th of January 2013
Sarah Plummer is a TRUE inspiration! She’s moved 31 times in 31 years, deployed to Iraq twice, been hit by a car, struck by lightning, broken both arms and legs, suffered 13 concussions, and even more, yet has gone on to live a life of gratitude, service, and excitement. Sarah travels around the country conducting seminars that make a difference in veterans lives and others who are interested in leading a life filled with purpose!
Saturday 19th of January 2013
Lori is animal communicator and healer. She answers lots of callers questions about their pets and also educates us on how we can begin communicating with our furry friends. Also, learn the top three reasons your animal is in your life! Lori is awesome...tune in!
Friday 11th of January 2013
Get ready for a power packed hour of learning! Dr. Michelle Robin discusses EVERYTHING in relationship to health and wellness :) Her latest book, entitled, The E Factor, Engage, Energize, Enrich...3 Steps to Vibrant Health is a must have! Learn the most important tips, creative strategies, and habits that you can adopt right now that will make a powerful difference in your health and well-being! Start TODAY!
Friday 4th of January 2013
WOW! How can you possibly learn this much in one hour! Internist, Dr. Lamm, shares information about his new book: No Guts, No Glory. To be truly health savvy, we need to understand what roles the gut plays in health, even far beyond just digestion, and begin taking care of it. This interview is filled with everything you need to get your gut healthy!
Friday 14th of December 2012
Psychiatrist, Dr. Norman Rosenthal, shares information in his new book: Winter Blues; Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Often this disorder goes undiagnosed. How are you affected by the winter blues? Do you notice a change when gloomy weather bout your kids? There is an easy treatment that is changing lives! Tune in to learn the symptoms and how depression can be connected to this disorder!
Friday 7th of December 2012
Camille Preston is the founder and CEO of Aim Leadership, one of the country's premiere organizational and leadership development firms. Her book: Rewired: How to Work Smarter, and Be Purposefully Productive in an Overactive World is filled with tips to help us get REWIRED! Our brain needs it because Camille gives proof of how we are overwired and our brain needs to be recalibrated! Tune in to get tools that will change your life for the better!
Friday 30th of November 2012
Bernadette is dynamic, fun and authentic!! Tune in to learn about her book: Shedding The Corporate Bitch: Shifting Your Bitches to Riches in Life and Business. She teaches us tips on how to step out of a negative mindset, to one of pure power! Using your female energy is a good thing...we just need to learn how to use it effectively! Her story is inspiring and motivating!
Friday 16th of November 2012
Connect with Adam Stacy from Collegiate Zone! Adam gives students and parents ideas for streamlining the admissions process for college applicants. The Collegiate Zone specializes in bettering the entire education process. Maybe your child isn't sure if they want to go to college...Collegiate Zone has information and sites for vocational training and career choices, as well. Tune in to simplify your life and the life of your high schooler!
Friday 9th of November 2012
Dr Hausenblas dedicates her study to finding healthy lifestyle practices for people in all stages of life. This show was all about keeping weight off during the Holidays! We talked about targeting belly fat with resveratrol and saffron. Tune in to learn how to get these supplements and get more information on exercise dependence, nutrition tips and how stress affects our body and weight! Great show!!
Friday 2nd of November 2012
Katrina Sawa is the Jump Start Your Biz Coach! This show is filled with powerful tips to turn your business into a productive money maker! Get the three simple steps to attracting more clients, business set up basics and how to create a consistent marketing system and more!
Friday 19th of October 2012
Martine Ehrenclou's book is a necessity for every household! Her book: The Take Charge Patient: How You Can Get The Best Medical Care, is filled with tips, checklists, ideas, stories, stats and more! No more mishaps with doctors or treatments!! This interview is filled with valuable information that could save your life! Start putting your health first, today!
Friday 12th of October 2012
Cheryl is an integrative health and dietary supplement expert. In this show, you will learn all about the dangers of fish oil. How do you tell if your fish oil is rancid? Learn how you can get omega 3's without the risk. There is an extracting process that guarantees freshness an purity...listen now!
Friday 5th of October 2012
Connect with an amazing individual, Jason Jeffers. He is a spiritual teacher, author, mystical expressionist fine artist, astrologer and metaphysicist. He shares insight on his new book: "The Next Human". You will learn about transcending the ego and the phantom self. Tips are provided on codependence, divinity, heart energy, manifesting, law of attraction and more!
Friday 28th of September 2012
Dr Pingel is a Naturopathic Physician whose main focus is to use nutrition as a pathway to optimum health. She has a strong interest in diseases of endocrinology, the pediatric population, bio identical hormone replacement and weight loss. We covered it ALL!!! You need a pen and paper for this one!
Friday 14th of September 2012
Chaney Weiner has been a long time authority in the field of human potential. He shares ways we can deal with conflict, break through to our inner genius and how to use motivation as a key to our success! Tune in and expect to find a new technique that will change your life for the better!
Friday 7th of September 2012
Victoria Sutton shares insights into hunting & how harvesting can help our wildlife, conservation, environment and health! We discuss the conditions in slaughter houses and how it has far reaching effects on our environment, our health and the well-being of the animals being contained. Tune in to raise your level of awareness on these important topics!
Friday 31st of August 2012
Dr Alschuler is a Naturopathic Oncologist. She explains the five key bodily pathways and why they are important to health and cancer prevention! Her book is entitled Five To Thrive. She gives great metaphors to paint the picture of how cancer grows in our bodies and how we can make changes in our daily lives to promote health and well-being.
Friday 24th of August 2012
Dr Lucille is the real deal!! She is back by popular demand! She gives quite an education on menopause and hormones. Her tips and "real life" advice is sound and inspiring! She also shares ideas for men with andropause!
Friday 3rd of August 2012
Pam Gaber is the founder of Gabriel's Angels. This is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of neglected and abused children through the application of pet therapy. Pam is so contagious with her positive personality! She will inspire you to follow your heart and gives us ways we can participate in her organization to make a difference!
Friday 27th of July 2012
Dr. Ding is an epidemiologist, nutrition scientist, health technologist and faculty research scientist at Harvard School of Public health. We had a jammed packed hour filled with tips, ideas, facts and nutritional information! What causes heart disease? Why are liquid sugar drinks so dangerous? What fats are healthy? Do you know what cocoa can do for your health? Tune in to learn more!
Friday 13th of July 2012
Dr Teitelbaum is outstanding! You better get a pen and paper for this one! He shares tips from his book: Real Cause Real Cure. This interview covers cures from A-Z! Heart disease, heartburn, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, inflammation and more!
Dr Teitelbaum is outstanding! You better get a pen and paper for this one! He shares tips from his book: Real Cause Real Cure. This interview covers cures from A-Z! Heart disease, heartburn, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, inflammation and more!
Friday 6th of July 2012
Jeffrey Pflaum is a complete joy! He is an inspiration to teachers everywhere! Jeffrey educates us on his project: The Contemplative/Music Writing Project. This project encourages kids to become aware of their present 'in the moment' state and reflect on it. It enhances emotional intelligence, learning, focus, awareness and much more. Tune in to learn how it can help you!
Friday 22nd of June 2012
Tank Jones is an actor who wears many hats! He has his own production company and record label. He also has a non-profit called: Choices Empowerment that helps young people develop creative ways to deal with life issues like peer pressure and bullying! Tune in to learn about his endeavors and how he is making a difference in kids lives!
Friday 15th of June 2012
Julianna interviews Joanne Deck and gets tips on SANE SEX! Are you looking for real dating advice? This podcast gives you new ways of thinking and creative ideas for the dating world!
Friday 1st of June 2012
Stephanie shares information about drugs that everyone needs to hear about because they affect the entire community...not just the person under the influence! Learn about all the synthetic drugs....spice, heroine, krokodile, bath salts and more. Find out what the cabinet theory means and get smart!
Friday 25th of May 2012
William Donius is the author of Thought Revolution: How To Unlock Your Inner Genius. His methodology is groundbreaking! This book has the possibility to change your unlock you inner genius, creativity and intuition. Tune in to listen to great stories and learn techniques that will help you move through everyday obstacles.
Friday 11th of May 2012
Sophy has two beautiful books out that are discussed during the interview. A book of Angels & The Art of Intuition. Sophy speaks of angels and our intuitive ability with such grace and wisdom. Find out how you can tap into your intuition, how you can contact a dead loved one and on and on! You will be moved and inspired by her genuine nature! Go to to learn more.
Friday 4th of May 2012
Dr Karlovsky shares so many valuable bits of information about the Urinary Tract and keeping it healthy! Learn about urinary incontinence, urge urinary incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, bladder infections, sex and the urinary tract and prostate health. This hour is jammed packed with education...get your pen and paper!
Friday 27th of April 2012
Dr Harley Rotbart has been a Pediatrician for over thirty years and he brings his expertise and wisdom to our discussion. He teaches us how we can turn minutes into moments with our kids. Don't miss his stories...he will convert you to being a "no regrets' parent!
Friday 20th of April 2012
Re'va is dynamic and beautiful! Her story is inspirational and her book (Sacred Journey, Sacred Life) provides us all with tools and ideas for healing from the inside out! Through the end of the month of April, she is offering a special discount on her skin care line. Tune in to get those details and to learn new ways to heal, rejuvenate and love yourself!
Friday 30th of March 2012
Lisa Neumann is the author of the book: Sober Identity: Tools for Reprogramming the Addictive Mind. Lisa is a unique coach because her approach is innovative and proven! She educates us on the power of the subconscious mind and you learn 5 competencies for lasting sobriety. Learn to THRIVE, NOT SURVIVE in your life!
Friday 23rd of March 2012
Jennifer's story is inspirational. She leads us through her journey of learning to open her channel to spirit and how it has changed her life for the better. She also gives tips on ways to connect to your spirit guides in order to create more balance and happiness in your life. The callers had amazing stories that will encourage you to connect with your own divinity.
Friday 16th of March 2012
WOW! Dr Bowden has so much information to share it will blow your mind!! Get a pen and paper for this one. He is the author of 9 books and each one is outstanding. This interview covers his book: The Most Effective Ways To Live Longer. Topics include: heart disease, inflammation, glycation, stress, hormones, immunity, food and on and on :)
Friday 9th of March 2012
Julianna Lyddon, show host, discusses what guys want and defines the "bad boy"! Why do women like bad boys? Are you dating or married to one? How do you spot them and can they be changed? Tips on how to maintain a long term relationship is also revealed.
Friday 2nd of March 2012
Dr. Lucille sheds light on so many health concerns!! Things like... thyroid issues, hormonal replacement therapy, stress, hormonal imbalance, menopause symptoms and much more! Her approach is so authentic and relatable! Tune in to get all the facts to help you make the best informed decisions possible.
Friday 24th of February 2012
Kistin is filled with so much powerful information on FOOD!! Listen to this podcast and you will learn so much about what food you should and shouldn't be eating! Food allergy symptoms, recipes, treatments, blood tests...wild vs. farm vs. natural...grass fed vs. corn fed! Enjoy!
Friday 17th of February 2012
Dt T. is filled with answers to all of your medical conditions. His iPhone app...Cures A-Z is free and gives you immediate remedies to things that ail you! He is the medical director of the national fibromyalgia and Fatigue centers. This show is filled with powerful information, so get your pen and paper ready!! You will learn ways to CURE yourself...I PROMISE!!
Friday 10th of February 2012
Sharon Lechter shares valuable information on the recent book she annotated by Napoleon Hill: Outwitting The Devil: The Secret to Freedom and success. This material was written in1938 and was kept secret until now! The messages in this book are applicable to today and can help us unlock many of the ways we hold ourselves back from success and happiness. Learn how to get a healthy mindset that will set you free from your limiting beliefs!
Friday 3rd of February 2012
Mukee knows her sex! She is so wise and educated. Mukee educates us on how to achieve the best orgasm. She teaches couples how to sustain and improve their lovemaking. Tantric sex techniques are explored and sex after menopause and MUCH MORE!
Friday 27th of January 2012
WOW!! What a wealth of information! Get your pen and paper for this one. Chris Kilham travels the world collecting traditional plant based medicines. His work with indigenous tribes has given him insight into what plants and herbs can be used to cure and support our health and wellness! VALUABLE remedies in this show :)
Friday 20th of January 2012
Nick Lowery is not only in the Hall of Fame, but a brilliant motivational speaker and founder of the Nick Lowery Youth Foundation. Tune in to listen to Nick explain how all of us can learn to harness our fears and nerves so that we can begin to unleash our true potential. Nick also shares stories of his NFL days and how that helped shape him into the man he is today. Learn how you can get involved in his Foundation and WHY it is making a difference in the WORLD!
Friday 13th of January 2012
Dr. Dalton-Smith shares 7 lies that women tell themselves. This is an insightful look into how we often don't realize how the false belief patterns we have carried with us over time, resonate and affect so many aspects of our lives. This interview is filled with great ways women can begin to break out of their stuckness and begin to lead a life full of happiness and fulfillment!
Friday 6th of January 2012
Cheryl is full of life saving information!! This show is a MUST for everyone! Learn about Curcumin and how it has helped to cure so many diseases. Cheryl educates us on the dietary supplement field in general so we know what to look for when supplement shopping.
Friday 16th of December 2011
Nina Helms has created the first skin science body care system called AfterCare. She is also the founder of DevineToys. Nina shares with us tips for increasing our sexual pleasure, but also how to take care of our sexual health....her products help us feel more confident and empowered to express ourselves sexually. Men and women can now boost their sex appeal by being clean, Ph balanced, and odor free!
Friday 9th of December 2011
Mr. Trivedi is considered a miracle healer by many. He travels the world doing what are called "energy transmissions" and people are feeling the difference. He has thousands of scientific studies that document his healing affects. Crop production increases and animals heal at a faster rate from illness and disease. "Connect with Julianna" listeners get a special offer from Mr Trivedi...tune in to find out!
Friday 2nd of December 2011
Helping Hands For Single Moms is an outstanding Non-Profit Organization that is making a difference in the Arizona community. It is a scholarship program that gives single moms an opportunity to get their education while working. They have a comprehensive program that supports the women every step of the way. Tune in to learn how you can help make your own difference!
Friday 25th of November 2011
Jodi's book is entitled "Love Lessons: Understanding, Learning and Finding Purpose While Raising Challenging Children". This story is hauntingly beautiful! Jodi provides an insight into raising a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, (RAD). Her daughter was adopted form a orphanage in Eastern Europe and her journey is horrific, but also healing. Don't miss this interview...Jodi is an inspiration!
Friday 18th of November 2011
Dr.Fisher is a naturopathic physician who has committed herself to her life's greatest purpose. She educates us on food choices and how we can eat raw to save our bodies from disease! Great tips, recipes, advice we can use to create a healthy balance in our lives and in turn, improve our world!
Friday 11th of November 2011
Dr Denning has created a new type of therapy called Adaptive Behavioral Therapy. She has written a notebook to help teens cope with anxiety, entitled, "My Anxiety Notebook For Teens Ages 13-18. The tools in this notebook are highlighted and Dr. Denning has a beautiful way to make us all understand the inner workings of our brain! You will have the ideas and techniques you need at your fingertips!!
Friday 4th of November 2011
Dr. Pingel is a Naturopathic Physician who shares LIFE SAVING information about Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Disease, Hormone Replacement Therapy and much more. This hour is packed with answers to your questions!
Friday 28th of October 2011
John is known as the "Lymph Man" and he has written a groundbreaking book, "An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance". He shares how we can take our health back by detoxifying our lymphatic system. He also tells how we can get instruction to clean our own lymph system with our own two hands!
Friday 21st of October 2011
Mini Sarla is a fountain of information! This show will WAKE you up! She shares all the ways power and privilege is abused in our world. From our political system, judicial system, media and print networks, workplace abuses and in the academic world and on and on. Spread the word!
Friday 14th of October 2011
Robert Smith is a DELIGHT! So true and genuine and full of real answers to real life problems. His method works and is simple and easy to use on so many different issues....from....depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, past traumas and on and on. He shares how we can learn some of his techniques for FREE!!!! TUNE IN!
Friday 7th of October 2011
Diana Raab is delightful! This interview is full of stories, poetry, excerpts from her book and great discussions about life. Healing With Words is a Memoire, but much is a book that inspires and touches the heart. Don't miss this interview :)
Friday 30th of September 2011
Dr. Behera shared incredible ground breaking information on fibroid treatments, polycystic ovarian syndrome, heavy bleeding, hysterectomies and more! Every woman should listen to this show to be more informed about their health!
Saturday 24th of September 2011
Wendy Shepherd's organization (Voices Empowered)is a private investigation, advocay and violence prevention agency. They serve families that have been abused, traumatized, and/or witnessed domestic violence, custody/visitation issues, medical/mental health care issues and childcare issues. Her organization is bridging the gap where the child welfare system leaves holes!
Friday 16th of September 2011
Vicki shares how hypnosis can benefit so many aspects of our lives! Things like smoking, anxiety, dieting, insomnia can all be healed through hypnosis. The subconscious mind controls 90% of our brain and the conscious mind controls only 10%....we can tap into our subconscious through hypnosis and it can change our lives for the better!
Friday 9th of September 2011
Dr. Norman Rosenthal is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical School. His book...Transcendence, Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation is brillant!In this interview he shares studies of how TM has been proven to work on conditions such as: PTSD, ADHD, Addiction, heart disease and on and on. The stats are remarkable. Tune in to make a difference in your life and the lives of others!
Friday 2nd of September 2011
These two are awesome!!! They share tips on improving intimacy and answer burning questions about one night stands and dating scenarios!Don't miss this!
Friday 26th of August 2011
Holly Mosier is the author of Stress Less, Weigh Less. She shares with us the important connection between stress and weight gain! She gives us 5 ingredient recipes that will fill you up and that taste good and finally she gives us her exercise tips and yoga poses that will help to improve the clarity in our minds.She's Amazing!
Friday 19th of August 2011
Connect with Valerie to learn more about Akashic Field Therapy. Did you know there is an Akashic Record that holds everything about your human experience? This record holds valuable information that can help you find your greatness!
Friday 12th of August 2011
Dr. Demartini has written over 40 published books and conducts a seminar called: "The Breakthrough Experience." He shares with us some of the concepts and tools he uses in this seminar. He is inspirational and reminds us all how to live a more inspired life!
Friday 5th of August 2011
Paige Wheeler is the founder of This is a way for EVEYONE to get their voice heard. Send a letter to an elected official or to the media and get a reponse. They do it all for at a low cost...including..find the address you are looking for, stuff it, lick the stamp and send it first class! All you have to do is write the letter! Make a difference...use TODAY!
Friday 29th of July 2011
Judith Pager teaches us how we can use our words as tools for healing the body! Her approach is simple, but powerful! She trains doctors and hospital staff around the world on her techniques.
Friday 22nd of July 2011
Joann Cohen provides us with ideas, techniques and tips to make that love connection! Single no more...check out her website to find the myriad of ways she can help you improve your dating game! Go to:
Friday 15th of July 2011
Listen to Carolyn encourage us how to become more connected to our authentic self. She inspires us and teaches us how to drop our limiting beliefs and focus our intentions on manifesting greatness in our lives!
Friday 8th of July 2011
Danny Kofke is the author of "How to Survive (and perhaps thrive) On A Teacher's Salary". He has a beautiful outlook on life and encourages us to look at our lives and see what we DO have instead of what we DON'T! He also gives us real life solutions on how to save money!
Friday 1st of July 2011
Dr Lori Ebert is a sex expert who shares many tips and techniques to enhance our sex lives. The conversation is intriguing and stimulating for all!! You will learn a LOT!
Friday 24th of June 2011
Dr Sue Hall is the author of ..For The Love of Babies: One Doctor's Stories About Life in the Neonatal ICU. She works at saving and touching lives everyday. These collections of stories are not only amazing, but awe-inspiring!
Friday 17th of June 2011
Dr William Brown's European Lymphatic Massage technique promotes wellness and healing throughout the mind, body, and spirit. He has written a book entitled: The Touch That Heals: The Art of Lymphatic Massage: The Secret Key to Srengthening The Immune System.
Friday 10th of June 2011
1 in 5 kids will go to bed hungry tonight. Tune in to listen to Aimee share how we all can help make a difference in so many families lives! Matthew's Crossing food bank feeds anyone in need...they are giving families hope!
Friday 3rd of June 2011
Mark Borax is a delight! Through his soul level astrology practice he helps people connect with their soul's purpose. Why were you born? Tune in to learn great truths and concepts that will blow your mind!
Friday 27th of May 2011
Chaney Weiner shares how we can make changes in our lives with issues related to emotional baggage, conflict resolution, self worth, and valuing who we are. These all tie into finding more purpose and meaning in our lives! Tune in and make the necessary changes to live a life full of abundance and wealth!
Friday 20th of May 2011
Martine Ehrenclou, the author of Critical Conditions: The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive, shares all of her valuable tips and resources for how to be the best advocate for your loved one while they are in the hopsital. This show is filled with tons of ideas and secrets you need to know!
Friday 13th of May 2011
Catriona MacGregor is the author of Partnering With Nature:The Wild Path to Reconnecting With The Earth. She shares about how cut off adults and children are from nature and this disconnect is making us sick. She gives us many tips to improve our well-being!
Friday 6th of May 2011
Allison Stillman conducts anointing ceremonies with essential oils, candles, tuning forks, flowers, singing bowls and more. She educates us on how we can begin this ritual ourselves...bit by bit. She shares the benefits of essential oils and how they can be used in our lives for healing!
Friday 29th of April 2011
Gigi Stetler has adopted an "unstoppable attitude" in her life and she will inspire you to never give matter what your obstacles are!! In her book..."Unstoppable, Surving is Just the Beginning"...she shares how being stabbed 21 times didn't stop her from achieving success in her life...and that was just one road block she faced! TUNE IN
Friday 22nd of April 2011
Don't miss this!! Dorothy Erlanger shares her story of beating advanced stage ovarian cancer and what we need to look for as far as symptoms and she shares information on how to be an elder care advocate for your elderly loved ones. She has tips on how to make those tough decisions so you won't get into a crisis situation. This show is full of valuable information!
Friday 15th of April 2011
Dr Matthew Karlovsky is a board certified Urologist.Tune in to learn all about female urinary incontinence and other disorders of the female bladder. He also shares information about the prostate and how to keep it healthy!
Friday 8th of April 2011
Dr. Rebecca Weiss is a board-certified Family Physician who specializes in cosmetic dermatolgy.She does procedures like botox, smart lipo, laser skin care treatments, fillers and on and on. Tune in to see what treatment might be for you!
Friday 1st of April 2011
Allison Hicks is the founder of the Hicks Foudation. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 29 and had to undergo a radical hysterectomy. Her mission is to educate as many women as possible about the facts of cervical cancer and spread the word that it is preventible! HPV is causing a variety of cancers in men and women...tune in!
Friday 25th of March 2011
Cynthia Richmond is a Dream Expert and Behavioral Therapist. She has been on Dr. Phil, Oprah, ET, The View, Donny and Marie and on and on. She helps people tap into the power of their dreams!She gives us many dream symbols throughout the show as well!
Friday 18th of March 2011
Dr. Kristine Sarna is a board-certified Family Physician and has a wellness practice where she provides treatments and consultations to help people lead healthier lives. Services include: Acupuncture, BioMeridian Stress Analysis, Weight Loss programs, Adrenal Recovery Programs for Adrenal and Chronic fatigue and Nutritional Detoxification programs.
Friday 11th of March 2011
Joyce Buekers is the Executive Director of The Harp Foundation. This foundation is a not-for-profit organization and they provide therapeutic harp music for the essential healing, comfort and well-being of individuals in crisis or with special needs. They go into hospitals and hospice facilities and provide healing for so many.
Friday 4th of March 2011
Stephanie Siete, a substance abuse expert, educated us on the dangers of drug abuse. There are drugs and ways of using drugs that I KNOW you have never heard of...bath salts, eyeballing, Spice, energy drinks and on and on. No detail has been left out of this show! Tune in...I promise you will learn something new!
Friday 25th of February 2011
Carol Allen has been on CBS News, Bridezillas, and an E!Television special sharing her gifts with Vedic astrology. She helps coach people on love and relationships and has valuable tips for ensuring you find your dream man....and KEEP HIM!
Friday 18th of February 2011
Sonia Chrles is the inspiration behind the book...The Little Pink Purse of Courage. Every woman should have this resource to pass along to other women when diagnosed with breast cancer. Betsy Kauffman is a troop leader for the Army of Women...a non profit organization working at finding the CURE for breast cancer. Listen to my show to find out where to get the book and how to sign up for the Army of Women.
Friday 11th of February 2011
Dr Susan May was on my show to help us all improve our intimacy! Listen now to learn new ways to improve your sex life!
Friday 4th of February 2011
What a great show! Listen to Dr. Julia Eastman explain the details of the hCG diet. There are a lot of schemes out there that are dangerous. Get the real facts!