Quantum Physics with Pam Oslie

Pam Oslie is an internationally respected author, psychic, and aura reader. Embraced by mainstream media, such as Dr. Oz and The View, Pam has been interviewed on ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, and spoke at TEDx. 

Are auras real? According to Pam and the thousands of people whose lives she's touched (including mine), the answer is a resounding YES! Importantly on this epidsode, Pam talks about ways we are all completely capable of stepping into a different reality by using the power of our minds and imaginations.


Also on this episode, I was able to continute the quantum conversation with author Kevin L. Michel. Is there really such a thing as parallel universes? Accoring to both Pam and Kevin, again the answer is YES! What's so exciting is that any of us can lean toward and step into a different kind of reality by merely making the conscious effort. Kevin and I discuss neuroscience and subconscious studies as well. A show you don't want to miss!


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