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Join Angie Corbett-Kuiper, an Experiential Tour Guide who takes her listeners through adventuress journies of which include: separation of family and friends.  The divorce of religions.  The divorce of a husband after  20 years of marriage. Living and dying in golden handcuffs trapped in corporate America. The suicide of her first born son, the suicide of her soulmate and second husband of only one week.

As she encourages her listeners to look, think, and feel Outside the Box and choose their own lives and to quit living for everyone else.  It's where joy resides.  It's where it all happens.

CHOICE Outside the Box 07-10-2017


Everything in life is a series of choices including happiness. 

We all have choices to live happy or miserable. What is choice?  After the suicide death of my 20-year-old son and second husband and soul mate, I can choose how I move forward from death.

When we were children, we did what we were told to keep us safe. 

I was making poor choices to make others happy.

Start with small choices, so when the big choices present, you are not leveled or paralyzed.

Angie speaks about her new book “To become your soul mate”  Age does not warrant intelligence.  She also delves in to sin. Do not confuse sin with a mistake.  Each of us has to make our mistakes to learn and grow.  Albert Einstein quotes, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Sin unto self would be to not learn from the mistake.

Angie asks her listeners to look deep down and find out why they are afraid to make decisions and usually the cause is a fear of making the wrong choice. 

As a parent with her first-born son, she made all of his choices thinking she was protecting him and later realized her choices were made out of her fear.  We base our choice on love or fear.  When we make choices out of love, our lives have the potential to be amazing.

Keep an open mind about everything. 

To feel, instead of think we would make better choices for ourselves.  We are completely in line to what we need to be healthy.  The what if's and remember when thinking keeps us in the past.  Most people find comfort and familiarity with misery. They become addicted to pain, so they choose to continue to live their story.

Instead of asking what is wrong with me, begin asking, instead, who is wrong with me. You make a choice every day about where you will spend your time and whom with that time will be spent.

Start becoming aware of the people who bring you down and do not hold your highest and best interest.

To love is to wish well.  We can love unconditionally, but it doesn’t mean I have to live with the people who bring me down.

Choose to change the programmed tape recordings that continue to play in your head.

Angie quotes Robert Frost's Poem, "The Road Less Taken."  To choose differently is not popular, but it does define who we are.

Angie mentions her Bahamas trip which will be a total immersion in self-discovery.  From childhood, triggers, emotional depression, OCD, People Pleasing, delving into the spiritual aspect of life.   

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INTRODUCTION Outside the Box

I invite Kimberly Rinaldi, LIJL Network founder, to my program launch. We discuss where we forged a beautiful partnership in our mutual attempt to help heal others. We met in February 2016 at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA where I conducted a workshop and lecture to a standing room only audience focusing on self-love and self-care, promoting my soon to be released book, “To Become Your Soul Mate” and later this year “Love will Present. Define Your Intent.”

We discuss the suicide deaths of my first-born son and then almost exactly a year later the suicide death of my husband of only one week, my soul-mate, lover, and best friend.

I share my writing journey and gratitude to Tom Bird and Sojourn Publishing for their belief and patience in my journey and giving me extensions when I have set a deadline and watched them come and go only to set a new one.

What I share with Kimberly is that I have chosen to learn, grow, and heal from my experience,  when I see so many others wither and die themselves.  I share my journey and experiences of an amazing life that I continue to create by choosing to live outside the box of life and now in death as well.

We talk about the paranormal, and the evidential proof of life on the other side.  Little did I know this is what Kimberly specialized in when I met her.  She shares that her father, as she lovingly calls him, “Old Man,”  believes and supports her work only after he died to this physical earth.

I share that sometimes in life, to find inner peace, purpose, and joy, it takes losing almost everything.

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