April 29-Making Change a Positive Thing with guest Nancy Matshushita

A Graphic Designer to Registered Nurse to Medical Coder and now online business owner of Little Paws Pet Boutique. Why so many career changes? Sometimes it was brought on by choice most of the time it was brought on by chance. My plans were to attend college, work, marry and have kids. Didn't work out that way...life had other plans for me.

Join Nancy Matsushita as she discusses how you can take change in your life and make it into positive experiences and opportunities.

I never liked the mentality that you have to work to live and live to work. People spend a lot of time saying "This too shall pass" ...I was one of them until I realized my whole life was passing by. It's true that "you think you have time" but life is short.

People have said to me that their mentality of life is "you are born, you work and then you die". I thought I would rather work at something I am passionate about and makes me feel like I made a difference in the world rather than working somewhere where I am making more money and feeling stressed and unfulfilled.

Opening Little Paws Pet Boutique.. I always thought that there is more to life than working at a job that you are not passionate about until you die. Some people have told me they are too afraid or too comfortable to follow their passion because they are too afraid to succeed! After college I was a graphic designer and then I decided to follow my original path that was a Registered Nurse. I loved the job but developed a anaphylactic latex allergy from the gloves and had to change careers. I became a certified medical coder. After 20 years the hospital was reorganizing and laying off people. Usually I go with "sheep" mentality and follow along with everyone else but for some reason this time I decided to go with my "gut feeling" and leave. I always wanted to start a pet boutique as long as I can remember and I felt like this was the time to follow my passion and dream. A lot of people told me I was crazy to do so but my mentality was " Other people have so why can't I?" and I feel if it is something you have a passion for you will somehow find a way. I went from art to science to business so anything is possible. I believe in trying and if you fail at least you know you tried.



Tune in Wednesday, April 29th at 10:00 am PT

and listen in as Nancy Matsushita   shares...

turning change into positive


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