Spirit Guide Angels with guest Linda Deir December 2 at 1:00pm ET

Linda Deir has always experienced the paranormal as normal. As a small child, she discovered her spirit guide angels and developed a life-long relationship with them. She had such a close connection to these benevolent companions that in 1994, one of them appeared right in front of her while she had a Nikon camera in hand. That photo became the front cover of this book.

From early childhood Linda was unloved, threatened and alone. These benevolent beings provided Linda with unconditional love, and through that, they became the most influential teachers, life coaches, best friends and protectors she could have ever had. They made the impossible possible throughout her life. As a result of their guidance, nothing has ever been out of reach for her. They can do this because they know you better than you know yourself.


Tune in Tuesday, December 2nd at 10:00 am PT

and listen in as Linda Deir shares...

spirit guide angels

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