Finding Our Life Purpose with guest Dr. Eric Maisel October 27 at 1:00pm ET

Eric Maisel, PhD, is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of Life Purpose Boot Camp and numerous other titles including Mastering Creative Anxiety, Brainstorm, Coaching the Artist Within, and Rethinking Depression.

As life gets busier and more complicated, people crave "something" that is larger and more meaningful than just getting another item ticked off their to-do list, but aren't ready to accept the solutions and approaches of previous generations.

Solutions to this dilemma like "do what you love" or "live with passion" sound attractive, but bestselling author, psychotherapist, and creativity coach Eric Maisel says those types of approaches aren't psychologically sophisticated enough.

"Human life is complicated, full of stressors and distress, and can't be made to match some fantasy of bliss and ease," writes Maisel. "Any genuinely fruitful exploration of life purpose has to take into account human reality. Likewise such an exploration must get at ‘what meaning is.' You can't know how to construct a meaningful life for yourself if you don't have a clear understanding of the nature of meaning."

In Life Purpose Boot Camp, Maisel helps readers who are seeking meaning in their lives understand how, by adopting certain ideas and engaging in specific practices, they can effectively meet their pressing life purpose challenges. He suggests that readers do three things, which he explains in great detail in the book: get clear on what their unique life is all about, upgrade their personalities, and manage their circumstances as mindfully as they can.

Maisel stresses that no life purpose can even exist until we step back and identify, embrace, and implement the ones that we choose. He says that there is no one meaning of life but rather a multitude of subjective meanings, and that there is no purpose to life but rather a multitude of subjective life purposes. He then goes on to provide the framework and tools readers need to sort out their life purposes and to make meaning based on their personal values and principles.


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finding our life purpose

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