Unleash Your Purpose on the World with guest Candace Conradi January 28 at 1:00pm ET

The sense of our life purpose and how we live that purpose out depends upon how well we know, like and trust ourselves. In a world that continually demands we conform to an outer vision rather than be guided by our inner vision, it is challenging to know where to begin. Using one powerful underlying theme, the power of compassionate communication, Candace opens the possibilities for others to establish and nurture the first and most significant relationship: the one they have with themselves.

Candace George Conradi is a best-selling and influential author known for her provocatively insightful prose about life. Her readers are impressed with her innate kindness, generosity and wisdom and find her work timeless. Her eclectic books speak to the heart of all people regardless of age, offering beautiful reminders of humankind's innate power and ability to live a life of value, purpose, and beauty according to each person's unique life design.

A strong advocate for self-reliance, Candace founded Women With a Voice in 2010, her active blog and Facebook community, out of her passion to help women realize their full potential. A prolific author, her recent books include: The Gentle Pine's Purpose (an inspiring children's book and adult fable about life), Soul Sitters, What to do when your loved one is dying (co-authored with Stacey Canfield, founder of soulsitters.com), and Sweet Tweets, 140 Characters of Wisdom. Her blogs are read internationally, especially embraced by women striving to be respected, honored and heard. Candace's work is recognized for its cutting edge message that makes positive change not only credible but achievable. To learn more about Candace and her work, visit: http://www.candaceconradi.com/  



Tune in Tuesday, January 28th at 10:00 am PT

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discovering your personal purpose on earth


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