Lessons in Joyful Living Welcomes Jim Gardner September 30th at 1:00pm ET

Known as The Leadership Mindset Coach, experiencing life "from the streets to the suites", Jim Gardner has learned that no matter how we've been influenced by others and by circumstances, we're all born leaders. "The differentiator is the mindset to move people to create value in and for others." 

Jim is Founder and CEO of Legendary United, a group of initiatives specializing in personal, professional, and organizational growth.  Due to life changing family events at the age of 12, Jim began spending most of his time on the streets involved in varying degrees of illegal activity. Truancy and other bad behavior in high school made it almost impossible for Jim to graduate.  The caring and persistence of a teacher during his senior year not only enabled him to graduate, but to go on to college.  He didn't graduate from college, but one random elective course titled Entrepreneurship, exposed Jim to a new world and network of leaders, mentors, and coaches that set him on a vocational path for the future.  It was those mentors and unique opportunities that prepared Jim to serve for over 30 years as a corporate executive and leader for iconic brands including McKesson, Pizza Hut, Tandy/Radio Shack, Fidelity Investments, and Levi Strauss & Co.

Through his unique experiences and research, Jim has developed The Leadership Mindset Framework to assist CEO's and high school students alike in identifying and engaging opportunities with innovative solutions that they had not previously thought to consider. 

The Leadership Mindset enables clients to generate capability, capacity, and value in any role they serve, inherently increasing the capability and value of their organizations including family, school, church, community, and business.

Jim's passion is the healthy development of our most valuable resource, our youth.  He's actively involved with Gen Y in high schools, colleges, and the workforce.  "We must influence our youth to be thought leaders and to take personal responsibility for creating opportunity for themselves and others."  Jim is a board member serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Fellowship of Christian Athletes and he teaches and mentors in the Texas Prison Entrepreneur Program.

As a bestselling author, Founding Partner of The John Maxwell Team, and Platinum Speaker for Les Brown, Jim is a sought after speaker and coach.  He also offers workshops, mastermind forums, and virtual facilitation on The Leadership Mindset. 

Jim's Vision is a world that has the passion to create value in and for others.

Jim's Mission is to move you to The Leadership Mindset.

To learn more about Jima and his work, visit: www.LegendaryUnited.com

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