Oct. 13 - Release Your Pain with Ronelle Wood

The fascia, that cloak of gossamer connective tissue that surrounds and supports everything in our bodies, functions like fiber optics. It conducts light to all points of our precious vessel – and when it doesn't, like when light is stagnant or blocked, there is pain and trauma.

Ronelle Wood is a leading specialist in Myofascial Release Therapy. She knows the power of fascia from both sides – as a patient and as a healer. In her new book Touching Light: How to Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia, Ronelle chronicles her path to discovering the life-changing technique that has made her a highly-successful, sought-after practitioner in her Ojai, California, clinic. Touching Light contains a powerful forward by patient and myofascial convert Gay Hendricks, PhD, author of The Big Leap.

In Touching Light, Ronelle looks deeply into the light-conducting nature of fascia and what that means for people, how it impacts their emotional and physical wellbeing, and how diminished light conduction can spur problems that someone might not even be aware of. She discusses how the process of Myofascial Release differs from massage, and how it can be combined with movement instruction to correct dysfunctional body mechanics.


Tune in Thursday, Oct. 13th, at 10:00 am PT

and listen as Ronelle Wood shares How to Free Your Fiber-optic Fascia


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