June 17 - Austin Matthews and Janet Richmond

Austin Lee Matthews is an American Voice Actor based in Brea, California. He has a vocal range of medium to low, and can perform General American, Southern American, New York, Boston, English, Scottish, Irish, German, Australian, and Eastern European accents, as well as various character voices and impressions.

From a young age, Austin has always been fascinated by animation and the voices behind the characters he grew up watching.

In high school, Austin attended the New York Film Academy 3 Week Summer Course in Los Angeles, California, looking to be a director. However, he found it much more fun acting for his classmate's films.

By the year 2009, Austin picked up a microphone for the first time and started to pursue a career in voice acting. Since then, Austin has led his vocal talents to various animation projects, commercials, radio plays, and video games online.

In 2011, Austin was a finalist in the AX Idol Voice Acting competition, where he performed in front of a large audience at the Nokia Theater in LA Live.

Currently, Austin is the official voice of the Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network. His voice can be heard in the intro, outro and bumpers for the network's various shows. He also writes the music for the bumpers that he lends his voice to for the network.


Since 2006, Janet Richmond has made it her life's focus to share the Higher Self material, beginning with self-help.  From her book to web-radio shows to meetup groups, speaking engagements, events and private sessions, Janet encourages all to empower themselves and to live the life they want and deserve. The 30 years of learning and practice using this material has enabled Janet to change her life 180 degrees several times!

"I have moved from being the victim to being the creator of my present and future. And the unfoldment continues.  Everyone carries all that's needed inside - it is who we truly are - that enables us to heal ourselves. Hope is here." - Janet Richmond


Her book CHOICES-Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints not only explains the crucial missing piece to the Law of Attraction but also offers the simple tools that ANYONE can use to begin getting real change in their lives. Janet, herself has been utilizing the Neutralizing technique for a long time and has seen such tremendous and overwhelming results in her own life and she knows beyond a doubt that you too, can begin to produce dramatic results. 


"In order to make the changes we want in our lives it is crucial to understand that our being-ness doesn't end at the skin. Around our physical body we all have a large energetic field that carries all the energies we have created through the thoughts, actions and emotional responses we process every day, every year, every decade and every life. Once created, these energies are borne into permanent existence and they affect EVERY aspect of our lives - what we manifest, our self-identities, how we feel about ourselves, our viewpoints, our relationships, our material balance, our health and much more."




Tune in Wednesday, June 17th at 10:00 am PT

and listen in as Austin lee Matthews  shares...

his life as a voice over expert


Janet Richmond shares...

Creating you future

Click here to listen in

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