Turning Struggles Into Success Stories with guest Helen Woo August 27 at 1:00pm ET

Helen Woo was born to a traditional Chinese family who immigrated to America. Throughout her life, she has overcome numerous challenges including self-esteem issues, depression, mental and physical abuse, betrayal and drug addiction.  Now, as a single mother, Helen feels her life is really just beginning. She is here to share her success stories, and encourages you to flourish by making positive changes in your life. After all, you have a success story in you, too!  Part of Helen's mission in life is to help others triumph over their challenges.

Among her topics, Helen Woo uses "Self-Aid" to help with self-esteem, abuse, depression, addiction, betrayal, and letting go of the anger and resentment (the baggage) in your life. Recently, one of Helen's favorite speech topics is:  "Is Laughter the Best Medicine"? Helen Woo talks about how laughter can better your everyday life and how laughter is beneficial for you as it applies to your personal life and business career. Helen's main goal is to encourage and inspire at least one person in a positive way (to help make a positive difference). Helen wants to remind you that you can help yourself through the many struggles in your life.

As host of a weekly radio talk show called "Self Aid Success Stories" http://toginet.com/shows/SelfAidSuccessStories, Helen is inspiring listeners to laugh a little, and reminding them that all challenges can be conquered, starting with "Self-Aid" (self-help).  Not by coincidence, her theme song for her show is "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. The show is jam packed with guests and inspirational stories of triumphs over life's challenges. Helen would love to have you share your story, too!

She has recently been published in Wake Up Women's latest book: "Be You ~ Spread Your Wings and Fly" with her emotional story, "I am Flying High and I am Here to Flourish".

Helen has a powerful piece (which is the closest thing to her autobiography) called: "Recipe for Sexy" in Hidi Lee's upcoming book: "Sexy with no Boundaries", that will be in the book stores by November, 2013, and will be published by Morgan James Publishing.

Watch for Helen's upcoming book "Self-Aid - Inspirations to Turn Struggles to Success" and her second book "Principles of Self-Aid", soon to follow. For more information about Helen Woo go to: www.SelfAidSuccessStories.com or www.TheHelenWoo.com


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turning struggles into success stories

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