Communicate with your Baby Before it is Born with guest Kelly Meehan June 30 at 1:00pm ET

Kelly Meehan, Birth Healing Visionary, Sacred Therapist, & Mystical Creator

Kelly is a birth healing visionary that focuses on spirituality in conception, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  She uses her extra sensory sensitivity and deep wisdom to support women in achieving an empowered birth, a spiritual pregnancy, healing conception, and awakened parenting.  She assists others to elevate and illuminate the radiance within the feminine soul for living an authentic life.  She feels we need to come together to make a difference in creating positive beginnings in birth for our mothers and babies for our future.

Kelly holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Psychology. In her MFT Internship she helped lead groups in attachment parenting and provided family psychotherapy.  Her internship experience offered her a great diversity and that has allowed her to gain experience with all kinds of beliefs and values. She provided in-home family psychotherapy working with mothers, babies, and children.  

Kelly specializes in pre-birth communication for women in conception and pregnancy with her private pre-birth communication counseling, community workshops, monthly practices, and website resources.  She communicates to the souls of babies in her work.  She has created audio downloads of meditations for pre-birth communication guidance, bonding before birth, healing birth loss, and womb healing awareness.  She has created a way for mothers and fathers to deepen the practice of communication with soul to soul connection.  The very unique and new product is called Pre-Birth Communication Soul Cards (Answers From Your Baby Before Birth).  You get 35 cards with phrases that are messages from your baby before birth.  The soul cards offer insight into feelings by providing guidance to help during conception, with fertility issues, in creating a spiritual pregnancy, healing birth loss, and pregnancy fears. Cards are available for sale on website at the Birth Healing SHOP -




Tune in Monday, June 30th at 10:00 am PT

and listen in as Kelly Meehan shares...

how to communicate with your baby before it is born

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