Creating Your Magnificent Life NOW with guest MaryAnn Ehmann May 29 at 1:00am ET

Maryann Ehmann is a faith-based entrepreneur, inspiring speaker, and motivating mindset coach who is passionate about empowering, equipping, and training God's people, especially leaders and entrepreneurs, to discover, step into, and fully experience the Magnificent Life for which they were created, whether in their business, ministry, or personal lives.

Maryann is an encourager, strategist, and flows in a Breaker Anointing, helping people breakthrough resistance to their success and being all God has them to be. She is the author of, "Have I Ever Told You, You're My Favorite, The Importance of Feeling Special."

It is Maryann's conviction that feeling favored, unique, and significant to God, ourselves, and others, is essential to expressing and fulfilling the great Kingdom work that God has created each of us to do.

Maryann has experienced this first hand. Though she was a highly skilled and educated professional, prosecuting attorney, and ministry leader, Maryann struggled with oppressive perfectionism, shame, and worry formed early on by childhood abuse, discrimination, and abandonment.

External cultural expectations on women in the workforce and the church, caused further damage to her sense of worth and value. However, in His faithfulness, God reshaped her mindset and broke through its limitations when He put the study of His favor in front of her day after day for over a year and a half.

Today Maryann leads and coaches those who believe that God has called them to more, but don't necessarily have the clarity they need, strong sense of their value and identity, or the strategies and systems they need to implement their calling.

Maryann has developed a proprietary process called BTR TM, Beliefs To ResultsTM, which she incorporates in her Create Your  Magnificent Life training, speaking, and coaching programs.



Tune in Thursday, May 29th at 10:00 am PT

and listen in as MaryAnn Ehmann share...

creating your magnificent life now

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