The Compassionate Self: How Embracing Our Suffering Leads Us to Freedom with Guest Host Chris Lemig April 16 at 1:00pm ET

We all suffer. This is an unavoidable fact of life. Most of the time, we run away from that suffering. We hide from it, we bury it, and we numb ourselves to it. Unfortunately, by doing so we only create more of what we don't want: suffering!

It's only by facing the truth of our suffering that we have the chance to be free from it. When we see our suffering for what it is, a temporary condition, we have the opportunity to work with it in a skillful way.

Join author Chris Lemig as he shares a powerful meditation that will show you how to cultivate real compassion for yourself and allow you to live joyfully even when the chips are down. To learn more about Chris and his work, visit:

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