Negotiating for Win-Win Outcomes with guest Eldonna Lewis Fernandez April 4 at 1:00pm ET

We do it all the time. Sometimes without even knowing we are. We negotiate. Negotiation is simply a discussion to agree on a deal, but it's not always a business deal. It can be employee to employee, parent to child, spouse to spouse etc.  Everything is Negotiable.The number one thing you need in order to be a good negotiator is confidence. Have confidence in yourself and your negotiation position. Self confidence comes from doing the inner work.  The power is in the work. You must work on that person within to find peace. That means relaxing in grace, remember what matters most, get to know your higher power better, review where you need to grow, forget what can't be changed, and focus on the future. My guest this week, will teach us how to become better negotiators and get what we want with a win-win attitude and outcome.

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez  is a retired Air Force veteran with 23 years of honorable military service.  She is a negotiation and contracts expert with over 30 years of leadership, contracts management, and negotiation experience negotiating contracts from $1 to over $100 million both stateside and internationally. Eldonna has developed and taught courses on Contract Claims, Negotiation, and other aspects of Contracting. She was deployed to the Middle East after 911 and was also selected for an assignment to the White House Military Office in 2002.  She has 7 years of extensive experience working for defense contractors in the Aerospace Industry and holds a Top Secret security clearance and has been a trusted agent of the U.S. Government for 30 years. To learn more about Eldonna and her work, visit:

Tune in Friday, April 4th at 10:00 am PT

and listen in as Eldonna Lewis Fernandez shares...

thinking like a negotiator

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