Life and Food and Loving Both with guest Peggy Sweeney-McDonald March 25 at 1:00pm ET

Peggy Sweeney-McDonald, is a self-professed "drama queen southern belle", a Louisiana native and a resident of Los Angeles.  The former actress turned corporate event producer was suddenly out of work and depressed with the downturn of the economy in late 2009, when her friend, Lisa,  told her a funny "Coconut Pie and a Bottle of Wine" story the day after Thanksgiving.  Sweeney-McDonald was inspired to create her own event, a food monologue show - Meanwhile, Back at Café Du Monde... and the journey began.  The show premiered at The Myrtles Plantation outside of her hometown of Baton Rouge in May of 2010, and snowballed. Hundreds of people have shared their food stories in restaurant venues across the country from chefs, actors, writers, politicians, musicians, athletes and more.  She received a book deal in late 2011 by Pelican Publishing.  Meanwhile, Back at Café Du Monde... Life Stories About Food coffee table/cookbook launched in the Fall of 2012 to much acclaim and was endorsed by celebrities from Emeril to Rex Reed.  It includes humorous and heartfelt personal stories from the shows and all have the common thread of food - our culture and relationships, personal life stories, past love affairs, and more. 

Since the book, Peggy has been featured in television, radio, magazine and newspaper interviews. She was a presenter at the 2012 Louisiana Book Festival, The Faulkner Society's Words and Music Conference, Louisiana Restaurant Association, Women of Infinite Possibilities, Chili Pepper Extravaganza, and the Southern California Culinary Historian Society.  She is a member of Screen Actors Guild.  She is a contributing writer for Chili Pepper Magazine. In 2012, she co-produced the acclaimed play about human trafficking, Innocent Flesh, in Hollywood which moved to Off-Broadway in New York City.  She is writing a book Savor the Sweetness of Life, about her journey from inspiration to idea to shows to book and beyond and is the host of the food talk show, Savoring the Sweetness. To learn more about Peggy and her work, visit: and .


Tune in Tuesday, March 25th at 10:00 am PT

and listen in as Peggy Sweeney-McDonald shares...

 life and food and loving both

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