Lessons in Joyful Living Welcomes Monica Garcia October 7 at 1:00pm ET

If You've Been on The Self -Help Journey For a While and Wish Your Life Came With an Instruction Manual... 



Tune in for Monday's Show and 


"Discover How Astrology Can Help You Identify Your Unique Soul Purpose Path, Understand Your Relationships and Increase Your Income!" 


If you ever find yourself:

Wishing you had more clarity about what your purpose is in this life and how you can learn more about it.

Frustrated because you continue to be met with the same challenges in your personal life and relationships.

Worrying about your finances and feeling anxious about your future.

My guest, this week, shares with us how to gain clarity and transform each and every one of these areas, and more. 

Meet Monica Garcia

The Soul Purpose Success Coach


Monica Garcia is a Life Success Coach and Astrologer for women and has been deeply involved in her own personal healing and spiritual growth journey for the past 12 years.

She's the creator of The Astrology Advantage Method and teaches it in her signature program, Discover Your Soul Purpose Success Codes. 

At age 28 she was literally forced to confront her ongoing issues of low self- esteem, toxic relationships, and re-occurring money challenges.

Monica spent the next several years in the self- help industry where she invested countless hours and thousands of dollars searching for a way to heal but instead only ended up feeling more overwhelmed, frustrated and confused than ever.

It was only when she met her Spiritual Mentor & Astrology teacher and learned how to work with the information in her own Astrological Birth Chart that life began to dramatically change for her.

She was finally able to see the higher purpose behind many of the painful experiences she faced throughout her life and understood what she was supposed to have learned from them. This information helped her heal and transform almost every area of her life and release so much of the emotional pain she had been carrying around her entire life. 

To learn more about Monica and her work, visit: http://www.soulpurposesuccesscoach.com


Learn more about the special offer Monica has put together for our listenersby visiting: http://www.soulpurposesuccesscoach.com/lijl

Tune in Monday, October 7th at 10:00 AM (PST)

and Listen in as Monica shares...


 "How You can use Astrology to Identify Your Unique Soul Purpose Path, Understand Your Relationships,

 and Increase Your Income!" 

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