Gold-medal Mindset for Kids with Forest Fisher, Sept 3, 2012

Last month, many athletes had gold-medal combinations. Learn and Play has one with guest Forest Fisher.

Forest is a 6 times--breaking update: make that 7 times--national gold medalist in water skiing. And for the other side of the gold medal, he is a rocket scientist and worked on the landing of the Mars rover Curiosity. Curiosity is a powerful learning strategy for kids, and Forest talks with Mrs A about others such as determination, balance, goal-setting and practice. These are all part of a mindset that kids can develop.

As a parent and coach, Forest has experience to share on the balance parents and caregivers need between encouragement and pressure. A host with his own radio show, The Gold Medal Success Show, Forest switches places to be a guest, telling his story from the accident that almost ended his athletic career to his winning and successful mindset. Mrs A asks Forest to share how parents and caregivers can support children to develop powerful learn and play strategies for gold-medal success.

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