This Year or Next? The Red-shirt Debate with Blythe Lipman, Aug 27, 2012

1 shirt, 2 shirt, red shirt, blue...Don't be blue as you struggle with the question of having your child start kindergarten or wait until next year.

Is your child ready? Readiness can be a bad word, after all, why do children need to be ready for school? Shouldn't school be ready for kids?

Blythe Lipman, of the radio show Baby and Toddler Instructions, and author of Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions is the guest today. Blythe has helped over 1000 babies in her career and Mrs. A over 1000 young children as they start school. What's 1000 times 1000? That's a million! Blythe and Mrs. A will share some ways that you can look at this concern for your child and some alternatives and options as you add up your answer to this year or next year?

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