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Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network offers advertisers a platform for effectively reaching an engaged audience that is focused on receiving the kind of communications and information that they are interested in.

The Lessons in Joyful Living audience is informed decision makers about the products and services they want, an audience that is discerning, that are influencers and early adopters. Our audience is the ideal target for your continued marketing messages positioned in a mind-set for assimilating new information.

The Lessons in Joyful Living audience is right at their computer. That means they can respond instantly to your ad, click to visit your website, check out your products, special offers, and much more, all while they continue listening to Lessons in Joyful Living without interruption. Those listening on mobile devices can respond to your ads by calling, texting, or clicking. 

Online listening continues to reach new high record. According to the 2015 Interactive Advertising Bureau latest research reveals:

Lessons in Joyful Living offers a targeted, refreshing and wholly distinctive way to reach audiences in a very cost-effective manner. We provide sponsorships opportunities to allow you to be the voice within your category and provide continued name recognition for your brand.

For information on advertising or sponsorship opportunities, contact our sales team at or 888-916-4569