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Positive Parenting Tips: Help to Foster the Brain Power of Your Child


How does your kid react to getting a bad grade  school? Does he freak out or take it in stride? Now, what was YOUR reaction the last time your child brought home an unfavorable grade? Did you get upset or walk your child through it calmly. Perhaps your kid/kids don’t care about grades in general but the point is that children learn most out life from their parents. They obviously learn their first words, how to walk, and how to eat from mom and dad but they learn from us on every level. How we handle relationships, how we manage our emotions, how we take care of ourselves and our health. It would be advantageous for us all to evaluate ourselves and the example we set for our kids. Agreed?

  Great! I think it’s important in this fast paced-instant gratification world to not only learn to take time to appreciate the moment but to appreciate the importance of teaching our children this as well. Harvard University studied 5,000 adults and found that the subjects spent only 50% of their time IN the present moment and were just mentally checked out the other 50% of the time. The study conductors also found that the subjects were the happiest when enjoying the moment, no ... Click the link below to read more.
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